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What is she doing?

Checking out my grow before work this morning and I noticed that girl #4 is doing something I’ve never seen before. What are these little yellow things coming out of the flower? It’s not every flower showing this, but most are. And not just the tops. Not showing anything else abnormal. Week 4 flower, coco, bottle system, leds 200w x2. My room stays between 69-80 degrees f at leaf level. Sealed with co2.

Should I throw her out? Is this an intersex trait?

Please educate me DGC


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Those are called ‘nanners’ because they look like bananas. They are basically the exposed parts of a pollen sac and throw pollen right away. Those buds and any around them are already pollinated.

    1. Terpking Avatar

      I haven’t heard them called nanners in years.

  2. Terpking Avatar

    Those are male flowers she is Hermaphrodite they will release pollen and seed everything.

  3. Terpking Avatar

    I hate it when that happens. I’ve had a few strains that every seed did that.

    1. NoTrimm Seedpoppa Avatar

      What strains were they? Ima stay way from them lol. These are bubblegum sherbet from blimburn. This is the only problem I’ve ever had with blimburn.

  4. PacNW Dan Avatar

    Ruh roh. Those look like nanners (intersex/male) and you’ve got a bunch of them. That plant’s likely seeded.

    They’re caused by either unstable genetics or potentially an environmental issue such as a light leak. Some plants won’t produce nanners under stress, but if yours does then probably you just need to dump that plant and try a different set of genetics.

    Also, if one of those sacs pops, it could seed ALL your other plants in that environ. I would recommend covering the plant with a trash bag before moving it just to prevent seeding other flowering plants.

    Sorry for the not-so-great news, but at least you’re in week 4 not week 8 where you’ve spent another month.

  5. Old Hippy 58 Avatar

    What a bummer. Many strains will herm under stress which it doesn’t sound like this plant is under. She needs to go. I hope she hasn’t pollenated the rest of your girls. I find it best to go with a breeder that has done alot of testing before offering seeds for sale, Irie, Raw, ect. The best producers stress the plant in many ways to test for herms before offering them to the public.

  6. NoTrimm Seedpoppa Avatar

    I got these seeds from blimburn. Have used before with great success, just never this cultivar. I am removing immediately.
    Thanks for all the advice DGC

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