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What’s going on with my plant DGC? please help

What’s up y’all! so i’m day 20 from flip. 3 Nanaz 3 formz and 1 vader og. everything looks amazing except for the vader😔. I’ve been feeding floraflex b1&b2 and their bulky b, and Recharge. pH is 5.7-6.0. idk if the nutes a bit too hot for the vader? or what’s going on? some tip burn. a lot of  tacoing leaves! please help my DGC.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    The Vader must be very sensitive to the environment. It’s most likely an environmental issue. I hope you have a good A/C. Temps are possibly too high and humidity is possibly too low. Low humidity typically causes just the edge of the leaf to curl a bit. Hot temps cause the whole leaf to taco. The only other thing that could cause this type of stress would be some pest eating the roots.

    1. New Leaf Avatar

      After looking at the pics for a bit, I see a few things. It’s the shortest plant in there, and all the other plants don’t really look affected. Maybe front left, a little. Unless you have a heater right next to her I want to rule out environment or light intensity.

      Broad, and russet mites can cause damage like that, but if it were the case, then that’d be late stage of a bad infestation, and why aren’t the other plants effected? They live on the leaves and are extremely small. They easily can be spread from one plant to the next through contact and wind. So much less likely it’s one of those pests in your canopy. Assuming, they have been in the same tent for some time.

      I’m thinking there’s something up with their roots…possibly pests or some sort of stress.

      Who really knows, some of the above are all still possibilities. It’s hard to tell from a pic. I can look an hour later and see something different.

      Like right now, I just looked back at pic 2. It could be just the picture, but your sensor looks pretty beat up. Im a huge data fan but sensors are only guidelines. They are easily susceptible to change by different conditions in the room. Some are made better than others. The material it’s made out of matters. I try and clean or replace them when needed.

      This is just an observation, your equipment could be just fine. But I really find it helpful… to stick my head in my tent….and be able to tell if it’s too hot or cold, humid or dry.

      Sorry I can’t give you an answer. Your the one there, and can figure it out best. Unfortunately you need to have mishaps in order to be able to spot them sometimes. Best of luck growmie.

  2. wiscofarmer420 Avatar

    def not temp or humidity, temps 78-83 lights on and 71-78 lights off. humidity ranges from 50-65. god i hope it’s no pest! i do have a few fungus nats flying around but no way it’s those: ain’t enough of them. The last run i had the same 3 cultivar. when i grew them out from seed. the vader was a bit weird then too. not this bad, but all veg she was weird. flipped to flower n she grew out of it! Thank for your help J!! first comment as always! man u a true dgc!!! much love! ✌️

    1. New Leaf Avatar

      Lol my stoner ass always hits “reply” and not “post a comment”

    2. J Mystro Avatar

      I was afraid of that. If it’s not temps, something’s up with the roots. This type of stress doesn’t tend to be gradual. For the leaves to curl and taco like that makes me think it’s some mite. Some plants are way more attractive to bugs than others. Sometimes they only attack their favorite plant, to start.

      1. New Leaf Avatar

        It also has a leathery look to it. Another sign of mites

  3. wiscofarmer420 Avatar

    so what to do? chop it get it out of there? cuz the other 6 look great! so signs of anything to them. if something on the vader i dont want it spread! im only 3 weeks in so long time to try and limp the vader along

    1. J Mystro Avatar

      If you have a scope I’d be scoping the soil and roots looking for mites. Getting the Vader out may help but I’d be thinking about how you got pests if you find them. Soil mixes are a common way pests get in unfortunately. I’d check all the plants root systems.

  4. NayHay Avatar

    I sure hope it’s some kind of nutrient burn I haven’t seen before because if it’s not hot/dry, I’m thinking hemp russet mites. When I got them they seemed to stay on the original infected plant and only gradually moved around.
    Scope carefully in the curved part of the leaf. Cut a leaf off and toss it in the freezer for 10 minutes while you look at other leaves. With a 20-60x lighted loupe you should be able to see the little whitish worm shaped mites. Or maybe broad mites, also tiny. If you don’t find anything on the fresh leaf, check out the frozen leaf to spot faster moving critters that will be sluggish or dead from the cold.
    I don’t know how, but you can get russets without ever taking in cuttings. Maybe they can live a little while in potting soil or maybe I brushed by a mite-covered grower at the garden center.
    If they are russets or broads, give up on the affected plants, but you can save the other ones with enough daily sprays.

  5. New Leaf Avatar

    Yes, for peace of mind please scope the leaves also. The more I look back at this post the more it resembles my broad mite issue. Russet and broad mites cause pretty much the same damage. They are some tough critters to fight. So you want to know for sure.

  6. wiscofarmer420 Avatar

    ok so i didn’t chop her i reduced the feed to the vader and she looks so much better. just can’t take as much as the others i guess. everything looking great rn. a bit of damage remains obviously n she a bit smaller then the rest but so much better

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