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10/14 improved my grow

DJ Short advocates an 11 hr day. University research found a 10hr (and11hr) day improves quality over the ubiquitous 12/12 lighting schedule on multiple levels (of course yield is impacted negatively, but not drastically).

I ran a 10hr day and ran lights at 12″ from the canopy and as close to 1800 ppfd as possible to try and hit a reasonable DLI. Buds were far more dense and higher visual quality than previous run with the same genetics and inputs… anyone else run a short short day? 


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  1. New Leaf Avatar

    Yes, I start 11/13 around week 5 and 6, then bring it down to 10/14 the last week or so. I run a decently fertilized soil, with a couple of top feeds and biobizz for my liquid nutrition, never watering till run-off. Shortly after the light switch i slowly start decreasing feed, and how frequently i water. Ending with just water in the last week or week and a half. I feel it brings out awsome expressions in the plant. I usually get amazing colors if the plant allows it. Can’t really speak about yield, because I’ve never compared.

  2. Arthur Digby Sellers Avatar

    Right on. Thanks for the detail, appreciate it.

  3. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I am super curious to go the other direction and try Rasta Jeff’s method. But I’m also super chickenshit. I have wondered about this method you speak of in the past. Yet again, I am chicken. I would definitely want to see side-by-side comparison. If I could see that maybe I would dip my toe in.

  4. NayHay Avatar

    When I used to grow indoors in summer I’d go less than 12/12 to reduce high temps. I’ve also gone 13/11 in winter to reduce low temps. When I went longer I noticed slightly looser bud structure. I didn’t notice any difference in 11/13 or 10/13, but I guess I wasn’t taking scientific readings.
    Going back to 18/6, or going to a very short day length at the end of flower (last couple weeks) doesn’t change the flower density, but it’s reasonable to guess you get more/less weight and maybe faster/slower ripening.

  5. Arthur Digby Sellers Avatar

    Going to try doing 18/6 next run, thanks for the info, nayhay

    Experiment sunnyinbectopia!
    In my experience, an alternative light schedule is worth Investigating.

    If anyone is interested, here is some detail on the research they did on 10 different photo periods at Clemson.

    Cheers all.

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