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Toe tag, from the cradle to the grave

Without fail, I never remember what I plan to remember. When you are multiplying plants by cloning, it is really fucking important to label that shit! And label it in a way that it cannot easily be removed. I have tried many different ways. Using colored electrical ties is my favorite by far! Since acquiring this habit, I have not missed labeled anything that I can think of in years. I get a color package and if I end up with too many strains, I just give the new kid a combination of two colors. I don’t take any chances! If I’m taking Clone’s, I only have one strain per bucket. Then I laid out all of my little electrical ties on the rock wool where I slide the stem directly into the hole and the electrical tie.. I reuse these. When I’m harvesting, they just all go into a bucket of bleach. I also use the ties to label my hangers while I’m drying. Just put the tie around the neck of your hanger bam! I also like to do them backwards, so they are always adjustable. They stay put just fine for the most part.. I have terrible hands and as dumb as  sounds, ripping, tape off of a roll and writing actually hurts.   I’m sure miss labeled plants can be blamed for so many things in this community.   A lot of lost time money and frustration can be saved.


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  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    You people wouldn’t know a good idea if it’s smack you right in the fucking ass

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