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Aloe as a flushing agent

First off Uncle Scotty can do no wrong big ups to the OG.

Can I use a fresh blended aloe soil drench as a flush? and will it prep my soil for reuse?

This is because I had an aloe accident and waste not want not so I mean I already did it…  I am in organic soil 5 gal I use dry amendments living soil fertilizers (uk based for all my DGCworldwide☘️), it’s blended mixes and it work amazeballs, Recharge, silicium, green sensation.
My last top dress is week 4. I run 10 weeks. *18/6 week 10 not important to the question but you all need to try it. I continue Epsom salt thru week 10. Will this maybe benefit the production of oil and secondary metabolites?

Keep up the excellent content. Lots of love to the Dude you’re the man (congrats on the harvest), Grambo Rules, and the whole team.

PO’T ☘️



4 responses to “Aloe as a flushing agent”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Aloe is full of hormones beneficial to rooting. It’s ok to use as a soil drench between cycles. Just don’t use it while flowering plants are still alive. Cut out everything at the end of week 8 but maybe fulvic acid and some enzymes. Fulvic acid will clean up the media (breaking down any salts). Using enzymes can help break down roots quickly in to food for the next cycle. Don’t go thinking you should use much of anything else the last 2 weeks while the plant is trying to ripen. You’ll probably end up confusing the plant while it’s trying to finish.

  2. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

    J Mystro the m-fing man! Hoping youre well and back to full strength.
    Dropping that science. That was my thoughts as well, but on day 67 of 70 and as my last watering before harvest waste not want not. My thinking was it’s too late to disturb the flowering process and all that goodness in the soil will set me up for success into my next run.

  3. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Is there a horticultural aloe vera? Because all the aloe I see seems kind of expensive, but it’s for the body use.

    1. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

      Sunny im sure there is and you can probably find it freeze dried somewhere but it was the regular old potted Aloe Vera in a 15cm pot that is on my windowsill. The dogs knocked her down and this time broke 2 arms off, and I thought to myself waste, not want not so I puréed it with water in the blender and used as a soil drench.

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