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DGC Cup Quality Dry

Hello DGC! Big thanks to everyone for all the knowledge! You might just make a real grower out of me yet.

I’m experimenting with drying environment. I was listening to an interview with the creator of the Cannatrol and he said his default settings were 68f and 54f dew point. I ran that through an online dewpoint calculator and it breaks down to 68f @ 60.94% humidity. A lot of growers swear by 60/60. This got me thinking.

What tips and tricks do you have for drying DGC Cup quality weed? I’ve been running 64f/62% for a long time, but you folks teach me something new everyday. Could it even be strain dependent?


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Your conditions are fine. It’s the length of time that impatient growers go wrong. If you want the best possible quality, don’t seal it until it’s done off gassing. Sealing it before 21 days and needing to burp the container is ignorant. I would never put bud in a sealed container in under 30 days.

  2. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

    Sealing it at 21 days?
    So are you saying a 21 day hanging dry environment at 60/60. Can you elaborate.
    Personally I dry as close as I can to 60F/16C and 55/60% for 14 day and the. Into jar where it seems to be stabilised with no fluctuation. I do “off gas” but I’m more sniffing the goods and rotating the placement.
    What is the Mystro method and parameters of drying?

  3. Budwin Jones Avatar

    Mystro! I love that! I’ve always been told to jar it as soon as possible. Like it’s going to steep in the dank.

  4. New Leaf Avatar

    I also do a 21 day dry, and don’t jar till about 30 days. Got it straight from the mystro himself. First and second week at 60/60. It’ll even drop to 55° sometiems. After the seoncd week or about half way through the second, I tend to start gradually bringing it down to 55% over a few days. Around day 18 I bring it down 50% for a few days till around day 21. Then I start trimming. Within that next week I should have it all trimmed up. And if i dont i never have a need to rush. Letting it sit in those conditions wont hurt a thing. Whatever I finish trimming gets put back into the tent at that 50% till its all done being trimmed. After 30 days there is zero reason to burn or offgas like mystro said.

    I’m am not a fan of bud sitting in jars at 58-62%. I’d rather my jars sit around 48-55%. I personally also think that is too moist.

    1. J Mystro Avatar

      100% agree. Glad someone has been listening over the years. I’ve beat this dead horse to a butter smooth consistency.

      1. New Leaf Avatar

        You haven’t steered me wrong yet with that horse butter.

  5. New Leaf Avatar

    Not trying to hate on Cannatrol, but his product claims to have buds finished in like 8 days or something like that. To me…the process doesn’t happen that fast no matter what settings you have. You can’t rush this process IMO

  6. New Leaf Avatar

    And my buds never see light, only while they are getting trimmed. After that 30 days, they go inside a small wine fridge. Temps and humidty inside there is between 55-65° tops. Humidty sits around 50%. I store in grove bags or jars. I’d prefer all jars if I had more space. Then i wouldn’t have to worry about humidty inside the fridge as much. Grove bags breath, so their outside environment can at times have an impact on what’s inside.

  7. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Sounds like you got it handled! Monitor, monitor monitor

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