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Barnacle Scales on Plants

Anyone ever experience these?  Yea !! they look like “barnacles” they are formed on the stalks and the under sides of the leaves – the barnacles hatch and little bugs start to suck the live out of your plants.  Believe they were brought in by moving plants out side to inside side. I cleaned, cleaned and fought them – they were to stay till harvest . when looking at the flowers to see if they were “ready” to harvest I seen  movement !!!! the little fuckers were moving in the flowers. Them I remembered when one of your “guest” stated that they don’t know how many insects the smoked over the years (wish I hadn’t seen them)   checked “Arbisco” (they sell  stuff to kill insects) Never found anything  Help — I do live live on the river but still “barnacles” ????????????


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  1. Old Hippy 58 Avatar

    I found this by accident while looking up bugs. Here is a link to the site,
    Barnacles are tiny bugs that eat cannabis and act in a similar way to their seafaring namesake. Their appearance and color can vary, but all behave the same. You might even mistake an infestation for a type of mold or plant growth.

    You’ll find these pesky pests latching onto the soft branches of marijuana crops or under the leaves. They slowly sap your plant’s energy, resulting in them looking weak and droopy. Like aphids, these insects also secrete honeydew, attracting hordes of ants.

    Do you believe the bugs on your weed plant are barnacles? If so, here’s how to get rid of them:

    Fill a pressure sprayer with insecticidal soap or a mixture of neem oil.
    Apply the solution directly to the affected area.
    Spray your crops regularly until the pests disappear.

  2. New Leaf Avatar

    Sounds like scale insects, which have a barnacle like appearance. Unless they are soft whit and fuzzy then they could be Mealy bugs.

  3. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    It’s Arbico. I’ve never had that issue. And I guess it’s a little too late for you to do much more than manually. Remove them if you’re deep in flower. Clean your room, well! And all your equipment. I have a strong suspicion. You’ll never have this problem again though. Your eye is now familiar. Live and learn. We all gotta do it.

    1. Hawkman Avatar

      I contacted Arbico and they never got back to me . did remove all that I seen on stalks and under sides of leaves – cleaned room once – thought I got rid of them – alway checking th eleaves — Dam at harvest found some in the buds. I wonder how many of us cultivators have smoked bugs before that were in buds of leaves –Bet all of us, at any rate really cleaned the space a NOW use Stuff all new (containers, ect) NO bringing in outside plants in doors for pictures of and info about them check out plant issues (bugs) great pictures. Thanks to all member whom answered Hawkman

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