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Curing in you dry room?

So I got in over my head.  I couldn’t grow all summer or fall, so I had a 5×5 filled with 2.5′ tall plants.  When it came time to chop, I got my lung room to 60f, 60% humidity. It took about 2 weeks to dry because that tent was stacked.  And the trim just overwhelmed me.  The last branches were in there for 5 weeks total. Now I can’t tell the difference between my tent cured bud and the stuff that put in my wine fridge inside grove bags.  Is there anything wrong with curing in the dry room if you aren’t doing perpetual?


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Drying the flower properly should take 14+ days. I leave my bud in the dry room at 60F/60% RH off-gassing for 21 days or more (You can keep bud under these conditions for months). After about 3 weeks I lower the humidity to 50% RH while keeping temps the same. It’s not smokeable to me until it’s been in 50% RH for a few days. After a few days under these conditions I will bag it knowing it’s ready to be stored. No need to burp properly dried bud. Drying and curing should be called drying and oxidation. Because that’s what’s causing the trichome cuticles to harden. There’s nothing inside the trichome that needs to cure. Curing doesn’t occur inside the trichome. Live trichomes smear while oxidized trichomes can be sifted. You don’t want that chemistry to change much. That’s why cold is so important. Clear trichomes are high in CBG, the precursor to cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Milky white trichomes are highest in cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Amber trichomes are degrading and breaking down THC to CBN.

    1. Growing Peas of Mind Avatar

      Appreciate the knowledge bomb mystro, never really thought about the outside of the cuticle drying, I really thought the cure changed the composition inside head.

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