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Best carbon filters?

What up DGC!! I’m trying figure out what’s the best carbon filter i can get? I have a 6in ac infinity filter in there right now but I still smell the plants as soon as I walk in my apartment n that is no good as I like in wisco! worst yet they still in veg! this filter is not that old one flower cycle on it. it is a shorter filter but I had the longer one right before this one and I don’t think that one lasted all that long either? I’m only in a 3×5 tent how big do I gotta go? please help cuz this Nanaz stinks so bad! i just finished my 1st grow with her now it’s gonna b a full tent of that one clone.


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  1. Rusty Knuitz Avatar

    Ac infinity is one of the best. You won’t ever fully get rid of the smell my friend, best you can do is mask it. A carbon filter can only do so much, you might add a second for outside the room as well. What I can tell you that helps is buying an airfilter for your furnace/ac that has the scent pads on them, and adding the glade plug ins or other types of incense. Good weed stinks my bro. If you’re worried about smell, an apartment might not be the best spot to be growing.

    1. Rusty Knuitz Avatar

      Your Pic looks amazing bro. I love that bud structure.

      1. wiscofarmer420 Avatar

        Thank u! it’s nanaz from robinhood (thc titan)

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Are you also being real aware of the leaves and stuff you drag outta your tent? if this is a law thing, get the biggest one you can fit in the spot. Where do you smoke? Is this all contained in a bedroom? Can you put carbon filter there and a scrubber in the main part ? God I can’t even imagine growing with apartment rules. God bless! Don’t get evicted

  3. NayHay Avatar

    I don’t have a favorite brand, but I would suggest six inch (or larger if you have a big tent) in-line filter sized to the matching fan with a speed controller. Hang the filter in the grow space with the prefilter on it. Exhaust out and you can add another filter on the outside end of the tube if you need it.

    Buy more filters than you need now. You’ll save on shipping and can up your filter game without waiting for shipping. Also you’ll need a bud drying space with the same level of filtration. On top of all this, if the funk is still funking, you should get another carbon filter running 24/7 outside the tent to reduce the leaked odor.

    Triple-check your setup and you may find you’re a dumbass like me who set up the fan backwards one time.

    Tape all seals around the exhaust fan and filter. Run those exhaust fans 24/7 or you’ll have the stank sneaking out through the fabric of the tent.

    Good luck and keep on growin!

  4. Cos_grows Avatar

    Honestly I really feel like all the companies are about the same. I have a 4×8 and I run 2 4 inch filter and fan setups and a 6 inch setup. the last two weeks of flower I run the 6inch setup outside the tent. I also place mason jars filled with ona around my house. That really helps also. But there are times when the tent is open that it just stinks up the entire house. If it’s dank it gets dank

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