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Doom Cough

Expect to see this one at the 2024 DGC cup in June. The seed was cracked the day of the cup last year, finishing up an almost 2 year project of looking through bag seed I kept over the years.

The seed was found from a cut of Skywalker OG that came from the Cali connection, story goes it came from Cypress hill originally. I had that plant from ‘06-‘15 and let the plant run long in my greenhouse one year and got a few seeds.

Grown in soil dug up from my backyard 4 years ago and amended after every run with compost, worm castings, down to earth dry amendments with added GH flora series lightly added to the S.I.P. system I made with free buckets from work. Grown under a Covert 630w light and two 4’ uv bulbs.
Can’t wait to have the rest of the DGC try this stellar plant at the cup! See you there!


2 responses to “Doom Cough”

  1. RASUFA Avatar

    Good luck at the cup!

    1. Jerry Haukoos Avatar

      Thanks man, lots of beautiful flowers out there, this one just has a bold taste that will stand out in a crowd. A real old school OG kick in the palate!

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