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Buffered Coco with Grow Dots

After a lot of research I have came up with a game plan for my first grow. I grabbed some buffered coco and plan on using Grow Dots and Recharge on some autos from mephisto. Do I need anything else to amend my soil or am I on the right path?


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  1. Jonnie Terpleseed Avatar

    I did autos in coco with grow dots in a real bucket system that I made and it worked great! Maybe a little cal/mag here and there but that’s about it.

  2. MartyMcnugz Avatar

    Thats what ive been seeing alot in was just wondering if the growdots and recharge would be sufficient in cal/mag to be good but I think I’m going to order some just to have on hand

  3. oneeyecc Avatar

    Grow Dots and Recharge is all you really need depending on your water. If you water starts out at a lower EC you can just run it as is. If you have a high EC you will want to use an RO filter and then you will need to add calmag. It is not a bad idea to have calmag on hand. I have found that straight water works well for me and when my res needs to be refilled I do a light top watering with Recharge, then refill the res.

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