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Nitrogen Toxicity?

Allow me to explain… I popped two seeds and sent clippings off for sex testing. While waiting, I prepped my 5 gal buckets with 75 grams of Grow Dots in the media and put the buckets in my sip bucket system. I water from the bottom like the Real Buckets. The buckets sat in the system for about three weeks before I planted the seedlings (don’t ask why).  I think the Grow Dots released three weeks worth of nutrients before I planted and the soil has too much nitrogen in it. These plants have been planted in the buckets for three weeks and are a total of six weeks old. Do I just veg longer and wait it out?  I can’t really flush because the sip system would drain the water very slowly.  The water moves into the bucket via wicking cord. Any ideas DGC?


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    I don’t see much of an issue yet. A nitrogen toxicity would curl the leaf tips and that’s not what I see. Nothing you can do but wait. Also, make sure the media’s pH is in range and not too wet for the young root system.

    1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
      Thundarr the Budbarian

      Thanks J.

      Hope you’re feeling well and doing better.

    2. GrOurOwn79 Avatar

      J Mystro, question..what should be the ph range for soil..or even coco for that matter?
      Hope things are getting back to some normality for ya.

      1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
        Thundarr the Budbarian

        I think the question is directed towards J Mysteo but for me, I haven’t had to ph for over a years since using recharge once a week. Haven’t had any nutrition issues at all with grow dots and once a week. recharge so I don’t know ph. These plants are just real small and dark green for being over six weeks old.

      2. J Mystro Avatar

        Some people have terrible water that needs to be adjusted and some have pretty good water that needs little no to adjustment. The ideal pH range for soil is between 6.5 and 7. Ideal pH range for Coco is more acidic being between 5.6-6.2 in veg with 5.8 being perfect in flower.

  2. Cos_grows Avatar

    Hey. Yea the little burnt tips I don’t ever consider a problem. I grow in living soil and some strains do that some don’t. Are the leaves curling up or is that just the view from the picture???

    1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
      Thundarr the Budbarian

      They are “tacoing” on one plant. I just put a half gallon of recharge water on them the day before the pictures.

  3. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Are they sitting on a table or directly on a cold floor by chance? They don’t really look burnt by nitrogen. They do seem a little bit cold and soggy. But really not bad.

    1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
      Thundarr the Budbarian

      They’re off the floor on a small shelf. I put about a half gallon of recharge water the night before. Temp stays in mid to upper 70s and watered by bottom watering sip system so they can’t be overwatered. Thanks.

      1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

        Yeah well it was hard to see what you were complaining about. I suppose you got your little burnt tips. But nothing wrong with that. They’re not hooked. Maybe you’re just fishing for a compliment? They look good.

        1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
          Thundarr the Budbarian

          Fishing for a compliment?

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