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Canna Boost Substitute

I’ve been using Canna Coco for years now, and some other set ups in organics. I love the canna line for the ease of use and great results but damn the boost additive is draining my wallet. I run a 3-tent perpetual setup and 1 breeding tent so my nutrient use is high. Has anyone found a less expensive although of equal quality boost alternative? I know I can switch to other brands of nutrients, but I have come to really trust the cleanliness and quality of Canna’s products.

Love the community and watching the show grow over the years. Keep up the fantastic work my friends. Peace



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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    I don’t know of any similar bottled ferments like Canna Boost. Canna Boost is mainly fermented sugar beets so you can ferment your own to save money. Boost is not much of a PK boost as much as it’s a bio-stimulant consisting of mainly of amino acids and enzymes (different enzymes than in Cannazym) with some phosphorus, potassium, manganese and vitamin c. The good stuff takes time to make so it can be pricey unless you know what a product is derived from and process it yourself.

  2. New Leaf Avatar

    Biobizz Top-Max is also pretty much fermented beets. I have awsome results with their products.

    Biobizz Top-Max 5L

    The price says $145 for the 5L. Looked up the Canna and it’s going for around $320

    EDIT: Sorry for the misinformation. It’s their bloom that is made from beet vinasse. Their top max is derived kelp and has humic acids derived from Leonardite. Not sure if that’s the same as amino acids. I’m not a chemistry Guru. Mystro is

    1. J Mystro Avatar

      There are a bunch of simple liquid kelp/humic acid products like Top-Max on the market. I prefer Recharge which has even more microbes than most liquid products. Some liquid bio-stimulants like Canna Boost can contain unique enzymes/proteins not listed in their guaranteed analysis so it can be difficult to find out what’s actually in a product.

  3. Rollin' Fatty's Avatar

    Thanks for this info… so I need to grow extra beats for fermentation! Don’t know how to ferment but I love a good diy project!

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