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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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Feds are going to reschedule cannabis! What does that mean? How to turn out the most Dank possible in 4 months.

US poised to ease restrictions on marijuana in historic shift, but it’ll remain controlled substance

At least we made it to 3rd base?!

Critics point out that as a Schedule III drug, marijuana would remain regulated by the DEA. That means the roughly 15,000 cannabis dispensaries in the U.S. would have to register with the DEA like regular pharmacies and fulfill strict reporting requirements, something that they are loath to do and that the DEA is ill equipped to handle.

DEA, FDA And Other Agencies To Discuss Marijuana’s Potential To Treat Pain At Upcoming Federal Research Meeting

WTF DOES THIS MEAN: Other panel topics include the safety and efficacy of marijuana in animal models and clinical studies, various research initiatives and opportunities through NIH and NCCIH as well as a variety of five-minute “data blitz” presentations from researchers around the country.

HORRIBLE FUNDING: National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health will provide $1 million in total costs during fiscal year 2025 to fund the center (Resource Center For Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research) , while the National Institute on Drug Abuse and National Institute on Aging  will each contribute $100,000 in co-funding, and National Cancer Institute will provide $200,000. Separately, National Cancer Institute recently awarded researchers $3.2 million to study the effects of using cannabis while receiving immunotherapy for cancer treatment.

What is NCI’s current fiscal year 2024 (FY24) budget?

The Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2024 (H.R.2882), provides NCI a total appropriation of $7.22 billion,

Grow Talk:

Last grow for a minute  Posted by Richard Horton


“A big deal”: What the feds’ move to reclassify marijuana means for Colorado cannabis

The main direct effect of rescheduling is relief from Section 280E of the federal tax code. Federal tax code, in section 280E, dictates that companies working with Schedule I or Schedule II substances are prohibited from deducting many standard business expenses from taxable gross income.

Moving marijuana to Schedule III would relieve local businesses of that tax burden and enable them to write off expenses such as electricity, payroll and insurance. For Wanda James, co-founder and CEO of Simply Pure  Dispensary in Denver, that could mean a savings of as much as a 15% to 20%.


Regarding rescheduling:

Wojtek420More than pharmaceutical companies, it’s Wall Street. 

“The existence of an illicit market limits the potential price increases that Aurora can push through to consumers.”-Morningstar

sunnyinbectopiaWords I thought I would never say… I think I would trust marijuana in the hands of Philip Morris before pharmaceutical companies. At least I know what Philip Morris stands for.  

gdutrowSchedule 3 isn’t great, but it means the VA will be able to prescribe it to vets in some fashion.. so that’s a small plus. It will probably be RSO or seeds or something not technically smokable. Or they would provide a small allowance for herb or  accessories to consume it with. The cost of herb in Illinois is insane and I’m still waiting on my first good grow to finish, so any boost towards decriminalization is welcome.

HuffleDeezyIt has to be researched. People in states either have a plug or a dispensary. Rescheduling weed should be focused on the RESEARCH!!! DONT FALL FOR OKEYDOKE. IT NEEDS TO BE RESCHEDULED FOR PROPER RESEARCH.

Regarding my Powdery Mildew:

mylesoneill3803The most important thing is to clean your fans…just a little bit of dust on the fan blades cut the air movement in half… its unbelievable but very true.

Random Comments:

jeremiahshineIn the olden days we used carrot chunks.  If trouble came from behind we’d eat the carrot.

anneandricevicHey guys can I get a DGC Bra and Pantie set Pleeaazzzzzzzeeeee!!! Great Merch guys keep it up. BTW I scromit once a week due to stomach issues it’s not that funny of a joke FYI.

tuma420wc8Frequency of bird songs helps to open the stomata of plants and trees.

Music to get plants to open their stomata 432 Hz Frequency  –  Open stomata




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