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  • DIY Vape Cart

    DIY Vape Cart

    As you know home growers eventually end up with a surplus of trim and hash. I decided to start pressing and found that I don’t like smoking dab. So I had a shit load of concentrate. So I found a video from 760 glass about making my own carts. I freaking have not stopped making…

  • RSO 1st try

    RSO 1st try

    Alright short and sweet this is my first attempt at RSO. Took trim old flower that hadn’t been used yet and a lil tablespoon of kief. process: 1- 1.75 liter clear springs 190proof all grain alcohol. 2- all the previously listed input finely ground in the ninja 4 blade blender. All this was put into…

  • AROYA GO brings commercial-grade cultivation tech to home growers

    AROYA GO brings commercial-grade cultivation tech to home growers

    AROYA, the preferred cannabis production platform for more than 600 operators across the country, combines innovative hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that help improve quality of final product while boosting yield in grams, per square foot, per year – predictably, profitably, and at scale. The company recently introduced AROYA GO, the most advanced…



    Well, here we go again guys… Seems like after each panel show I feel the need to reiterate some of my handy ideas. This is a cat litter box with pieces of PVC cut and thrown in. I have some water dish soap and baking soda in it currently. I literally just walk up to…

  • Easy Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

    Easy Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

    Easy Coconut Oil Edibles Whats up DGC!  Today I’m going to show you a quick and easy method to make your own cannabis infused coconut oil.  This recipe is super easy and will allow you to turn your home grown bud into delicious homemade edibles! Theres lots of methods for making your own edibles, but…