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RSO 1st try

Alright short and sweet this is my first attempt at RSO. Took trim old flower that hadn’t been used yet and a lil tablespoon of kief.

1- 1.75 liter clear springs 190proof all grain alcohol.

2- all the previously listed input finely ground in the ninja 4 blade blender.

All this was put into a 1 gallon mason jar shaken up and let separate overnight in a freezer then set an hr in direct sunlight( heard it would help amber it up instead of it being green) strained with cheese cloth.

3- this was all added and cooked in the washroom with window and door open in a tempered measuring bowl with handle in a rice cooker hottest it got was 159°F. Cooked from 2pm to 8pm.

4- I got a total of 26.5ml final cook amount measurable. Rest on clean up I used coconut oil and it absorbed all the left over little bits.

I know this is getting long Scotty just hang with with me.

5 – I used 88 size 1 pills to put all processed RSO into. 1/3 is whipped organic unfiltered local honey the other 2/3 is between .3-.4ml of RSO per pill.

Any effects as well as comments to make better plz list in comments or bring up on the show thanks guys if there is anything I mixed up and shouldn’t have done I’ll be glad to accept any advice this is for my wife since I cannot myself partake in this amazing medicine.


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  1. Str8_Outa_OK Avatar

    2pills is overkill and 1 will set ya back if ya take a pill 30 min. before you eat. And quote the phrase “super high” was used. Found this out after she popped awake at 2am and asked if I wanted chocolate chip cookies I said 2 and a glass of milk she came back with the bag I had my 2 next thing you know she downed the bag and I told her you know there is some crumbs left in there you could just pour into the glass of milk. She thought for about 2 min and then said na she threw away the bag witty banter for a min and I say you know I only had 2 and you ate the whole bag ya fat as she laughed uncontrollably for 6-1/2 minutes turned over laid back down and was out like a light lol.

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