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Curing and flower Storage

What’s good DGC?!!! Was wondering if I should get a wine cooler and set it for like 60 to 65 degrees and cure and store my buds? It’s the only way I can to get consistent temp and humidity with my bovada packs I was thinking. I’m still gonna have my buds in jars of course.


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  1. jmystro Avatar

    You’re good in jars as humidity will be a bit too low in the wine fridge. I store my flower in one as well. You can put the fridge temp down as low as you want. It’s not a freezer.

    1. Treesmkr Avatar

      Thanx appreciate it

  2. SOUP Avatar

    This is a thing that exists:

    I haven’t tried it so I cant report on its effectiveness, but I like the design and idea behind it. Seems like basically a nice wine fridge thats been tuned for weed storage. Has a lock and shelving designed to fit several lbs worth of bud in jars. I’ve been wanting to learn more about it or meet someone from the company for a while now, but the stars haven’t aligned yet.

    If someone at Curidor wanted to send me one, I would give it an honest and comprehensive review and could potentially report about it on the show… just sayin… Curidor… hit me up… 🙂

    1. Treesmkr Avatar

      I will look in it thanx 👍🏾

  3. Space cowboy Avatar
    Space cowboy

    I love my wine fridge for storing bud inside of jars after its dried and cured, most of them keep light out too. I keep it at 60 degrees, I also use my wine fridge to dry bubble hash, I put in in a pizza box then in the wine fridge , I crank in down to the coldest temp which I think is 41 and it works really well. The humidity in my wine fridge tends to stay around 40 percent.

    1. Space cowboy Avatar
      Space cowboy

      the one thing I did modify is I took out the wire racks made to hold the wine bottles, they are made to come in and out and I replaced it with plexiglass I measured and cut. So the jars sit flat and I could hold more

      1. Treesmkr Avatar

        👍🏾 Damn good idea thanx

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