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Deficiency just before flip


Been having a great grow, so far. Just this week I ran into what I think is a deficiency. I usually just post on the Discord, but looking for some additional opinions.

Running 100g Grow Dots in 6.6 gal autopots and 4 mL/G of Cal-Mag with RO water pH’d to 6.3 stable. Media is 80/20 coco/perlite. DLI is in low 30s so I don’t think it’s light stress. They were up potted on 1/20 and I was planning to flip 2/17. I think I’m running out of N. Should I start bloom nutes and flip early or abandon ship and try feeding veg nutes to correct, then flip? Or something else. This is my second grow so please be gentle. 🙂

Lemon Jeffery by Irie. Both plants have the same issue / look similar.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    You don’t have any nutrient deficiencies. A lack of nitrogen for example would pull N from lower leaves, (yellowing them) to keep the new growth up top green. The burnt looking leaf tips on the new growth up top tell a different story. You may have added too many Grow Dots as the plants look a bit over-fed. Not much you can do with an amended media. Your pH is also too high. You want to water in at a pH of 5.8 in coco. I’m not a huge fan of perlite in coco. 5% is plenty, but 20% is too much for me. Every piece of perlite lowers your CEC. Lowering the ability of the coco to hold on to nutrients. Check your run off to see where your at. Cut out the cal-mag. Never supplement calcium and magnesium unless they are deficient and you are not lacking either. Your plants don’t look too bad and I would freak out over a bit of burn. Just pay very close attention to the run off numbers. R/O run-off will give more accurate numbers compared to a buffered solution with minerals. If your tap water is around 200 ppm you can use it without issue and ditch the R/O.

  2. 👻 Ghøstƒiré Génétic§ 🔥 Avatar

    Mystro hit it right on the head with the excess nutrients however, if you been supplementing calcium and magnesium the whole time and they looked perfect, I wouldn’t abruptly stop. If it’s working great for you, no reason to change it up imo. If you just started supplementing Cal+Mg recently, then yeah maybe try backing off it. I have always fed my coco and soil both at 6.3, so I tend to agree with that target but I’m not so much familiar with grow dots and if it needs a lower pH. Maybe some other people with experience with grow dots can chime in. It’s looking fairly good, so no reason to freak out but certainly good to stay on top of it. Not bad for your 2nd grow my friend. ✌🏻

  3. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

    Mystro where would we be without you. I sincerely hope your you’re feeling better.

  4. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

    Mystro where would we be without you. I sincerely hope you’re feeling better.

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