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Real Buckets w/Bottle nutes & limited sales on Real Growers?

Hey DGC,

I mentioned this on Discord and received some feedback but not enough to really answer my question.  I am a perpetual grower, trying to harvest a 4×4 every month.  My set up is a 3×4 veg, and 2 4×4’s for flower. I put 4 plants in each tent and have the 4×4’s alternating month to month on harvest.

My thought was to buy 12 Real Buckets, put 4 in each tent with their own reservoir per tent.  I went on Real Growers and it only allows me to put 1- 4 bucket set in my cart? Is there a limit currently on how many you can buy or do I need to do this in 3 separate transactions?

My other question is, can I use the Canna line of nutes in Real Buckets? Salt build up is a major concern for me growing in this manner.  I have been using coco, earthworm castings and Canna w/silica and Winter Frost. Been using Canna for 6 years now and love it that’s why I would like to stay with that method.  Any tips or experience with this would be awesome!

Thanks DGC

Rollin’ Fattys


2 responses to “Real Buckets w/Bottle nutes & limited sales on Real Growers?”

  1. bnr_dgc Avatar

    sorry – the Buckets were unintentionally set to limit one per order. you can now order more than one set. please let us know how they work out for you!

  2. Rollin' Fatty's Avatar

    Thanks! How will they work with bottle nutes? Any issues with salt build up?

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