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DGC Game Show Questions 1

Scotty and Banner are big game show fans, and have been kicking around the idea of doing fun weed-themed Family Feud parody where we have contestants and cool prizes.

We wrote the first batch of questions for the game – would you please answer them?

Thanks everyone!


4 responses to “DGC Game Show Questions 1”

  1. Grumpy Toad Avatar

    I can’t remember which canna-podcast it was. But somebody did Hollyweed Squares, on Youtube, and it was pretty cool.

    Buy the ticket, take the ride!



  2. Funny Farmer Avatar


    I think it’d be really funny for Grambo to do his best Sean Evans impersonation and instead of doing “HOT ONES” he could do “HIGH ONES” and ask 10 questions after smoking 10 bowls..

  3. Red-eyed Buckeye Avatar

    Done! And I love this idea gonna be hilarious

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