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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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Dude, I am doing a clone video and need your help deciding what’s the better system bubble, or tray?

Saw JR’s EZ cloner Ez Cloner Vid Needs to be in veg room environment.

Need to run there Clear Rez, what about pH? 

Bubble Cloner  

Cut Tray & Dome

What’s Going On In Dudes Grow:

Wanting to transplant rooted clones straight into 5 gals.

Save time and $ on containers. 

HLG’s All Hung Up

Bad Ass Fan Mount!



IG Comments

Adult Novelty & Smoke Shop

mrboofmanIn AZ we have these 24 hrs a day selling chore boy, swords, tasers and dildos..

A Rose In A Glass By Any Other Name Is A Crack Pipe

hitman_419 – A dong bong??

Tgreeneryfarms Ice Cold Drinks?

ky_homegrowStrap on steam roller

emoore1206It’s a dual head shop 😂 get some “infused” lube 🤩

PRO bong Dude! What does rbx2 mean? The answer to this question is gonna be a determining factor in the seeds I purchase

Ask chat gpt: what is a reversed backcross seed

Chadwick BradburyI’ll take that $75,000 head grower lol 😆 hell yeah

FootyGrowsNY I’ve worked in a commercial grow. The problem isn’t not being able to find good workers. The problem is the good passionate workers realize they’re working for people who just care about quantity not quality. Oh and also the clouds of Powdery mildew. Oh and the chads running the facilities. I could go on 😂

63ah1275I’m retired from a career in big pharma. If weed ends up Schedule III, you could see regulation you never imagined.

Jackass MagnetYes you can mention Jackass Magnet as a producer . Jackass Magnet originated in HIGH school. I seem to attract the strangest people and yet the coolest at the same time. I’m on the insta @ Jackass Magnet, check me out. Sorry, worked a long day and had to run to feed my flowering plants before the light turned off. I started growing indoors cause I got sick of paying the price of started garden plants. And started doing it from seeds in my basement February.  So from May to February I grow cannabis to share with friends. who “DONATE” and invest in my grow set up. I can’t smoke it, unless I plan my vacations accordingly. I work in the Aircraft Industry calibrating and final testing fuel controls for military aircraft. So I’m on the short list of random drop testing. I have 26 years invested in the same company.  So I rely on testing my plants and reviews of my donating friends on how I’m doing. Recently ran two strains which got rave reviews and tested in the 20’s for THC, my first grow.  They love the Hash TOO ! Can’t wait till the holidays and vacation time to sample my own grows.


Snoop Dogg Claims He’s Quitting Smoking, Asks for Privacy

Me quitting weed…

Snoop Dogg and Hempacco (Nasdaq HPCO) launch new THCA Hemp Vape with Inspire

Cannabinoids, diet & metabolism: The science linking food, hunger & cannabinoids


Cigarette decomposing in soil

Grow tent workplaces


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