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Spider mites and honey bees

As I sat on my balcony looking into the woods, I saw a honey bee. It went from plant to plant looking for something to make honey with. Then it hit me! Do spider mites catch a ride on honey bees? Think about it, spider mites are about the size of some pollens. Why wouldn’t they catch a ride? What are the DGC’s thoughts on this?


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  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I have not herd of it. Maybe they could but the honey bee seems loaded down with pollen and seems like it would be easy to blow off with pollen dust. Also bees prolly really focus on the part of the plant that is not the mites turf. Then let’s get to the part where you should not have male pollen laden plants with your girls in the first place. Now this is just my thoughts on the subject. I’d be pretty surprised if anyone else reading this has a definitive answer. This is my kind of convo though for fun.

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