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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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Where are the best and worst places to be a grower? Prohibition is falling around the world let’s celebrate. Walked into work and Banner had 4 bags of DANK, a huge bag of shaky buds and an 18” plant for me :). I thought “Colorado is the BEST place to be a cannabis grower/ enthusiast”. Climate! Scene/Attitude. Denver/located in the center of the country. Then I thought: where else? Where are the best places in the Country/World to enjoy cannabis: Colorado, British Columbia, Hawaii always 12/12!

Hi-C, Lil Real and I have been working hard on the Scottyreal420 channel on YouTube

Banner – can we coin the term “cannabis desert” for the worst places?


Jedi990000 – The worst place to grow is anywhere you have to carry water.  Having to hike with water is the worst.

crazydaze – Best place is wherever works best for you. Worst place would be at work. Scotty respectfully disagrees! 

Lol  just kidding, crazydaze is a cnc machinist – probably shouldn’t have a grow there.

— USA —

Redeyedbuckeye – I’m gonna say Ohio. Represent! It’s great to be growing newly legal, pretty fair home grows laws, newly emerging above ground cannabis scene.

Smellslikechong – South dakota is finally starting to get with the times but it still sucks.  3 plant count….who in their right mind only grows 3 plants?

GreenMountainGreenDreams – I bought old farm land in Vermont. Great place to grow, We are the GREEN mountain state. I can grow up to 72 plants outside with my medical card and as a care giver.  My patients, friends, and neighbors enjoy the meds they need at no cost to them. I love to grow and share.

Christopher K – Growing in Missouri is awesome. Growing in northern California (Santa Rosa) was much easier and more accepted for such a long time. I miss the culture of “Nor Cal” but love embracing the challenges of Missouri. The plant count has taken me from growing in rooms to growing in tents. I can easily remember a time where it was strictly prohibited and still is in neighboring state Kansas where I grew up. 

MrLokiTheRedA converted bathroom has to be the easiest. But my favorite grow was in the 90s. Had a friend who did boat delivers so I would stay at his place and tend to the garden. What made this such a great grow was looking out of the window you could see the Newport Beach cop shop that was just 3 doors down.

Laughing LeafLouisiana is the worst place. This prohibition state will throw the book at you. Have done a 7 year prison sentence over a half ounce of flower. If it weren’t for it being a prohibition state,medical now, it would be the best place to grow..

AndrewFar as the US I’d have to say Georgia. It’s still treated as a hard drug here. Liquor stores on every corner, lots of pain clinics and methadone clinics. But it’s zero tolerance for the green stuff.


PotCasso aka Paddy O’Toker – Being here in euroland #DGCworldwide

Legal places like Amsterdam or decriminalized places like Portugal or Spain and that med climate. (I hear Albania was the epicenter for black market)

Worst would be heavily enforced and or hard to import. Especially when the government won’t pulled the finger out of their ass to decriminalize even 7 g or get the medical program available to the people who need it☘️

California: Guess the population of CA?  (which one? It doesn’t matter). This is what I think of when I think Southern California

Uber in California meme (so much selling in the comments)

Or this: #caddyshack

Exclusive Central Valley golf club discovered as illegal cannabis business

They must have been doing it wide open because California doesn’t want to bust weed growers anymore. California cannabis busts

49ers legend Joe Montana is winning the California legal weed market

Speaking of legends. I’m thinking of one “legend” in particular. Sticking his big nose into the big boy weed market Ric Flair cannabis brand

I’m calling out Ric Flair (Do a fun Saturday morning wrestling style Call Out. Say a whole bunch of wrestling style/ you can’t handle the DGC weed, then show the belt! I think he’s scared to come out and smoke OUR strains at altitude! He’s scared he’ll run out of inventory trying to get Grambo high off those pitiful 2 milligram edibles. DGC, can the nature boy Ric Flair handle the dankness that is the DGC? Everyone needs to tell Ric Flair to come to the DGC Cup! How do you talk to Ric Flair? Dude, Banner, Grambo: any favorite wrestlers growing up?



Best and worst comments of the week:

WORST: Top 10 Cannabis Strains DGC Cup 2023

wearelegion7436 –  240p 😂😂😂 bunch of stoner idiots.

Congrats guys, you stoner idiots got a half million views in about 6 months.

DGC Cup Shoutout and plug!

BEST: From the Panel Show:

chrisgrubb6147 – Hey guys can I ask what that stuff was for fungus gnats.

ne1cangrow603 Just goes off dropping knowledge bombs!

Here you go!

#1 Avoid overwatering.

#2 Nematodes:

Steinernema Feltiae Nematodes (SF)

#3 Beneficial Predators:

Stratiolaelaps scimitus (formerly Hypoaspis miles)

-S. Scimitus best for larval/pupae control.

Rove Beetle Dalotia coriaria

(=Athena coriaria)

#4 Insecticides: Bti

(Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis)

Use as a soil/media drench.

Thanks to Rasta Jeff, Chad Westport, Michigan Matt and Bryan from Catapult Clones for the Live show!

Mosquito dunks FTW.

HLV tests are bunk?

72288kip It’s like a parallel universe , Scotty can’t get high, dude is hooked on Tech, and Banner is dab guy 😂 🤟🏻

Dude: bjg2949 Phil Jackson played for the NY Knicks

Banner: Poop is not sterile.

Scotty: skynuts7792 The bug everyone is thinking of that sounds like a potato:      Scotty… Root aphids.😂 What’s the answer?

Comment on: The Art of Growing Cannabis: Tips & Tricks from Seed to Harvest – The Dude Grows Show 1,464

wilsenkaj-  JR you made me shed a tear. I got some of the same issues and you nailed it talking about the demoralizing sleepless nights. I wish edibles worked on me.

Comment on our last show 1601: 

Up Pot YOUR Cannabis Plants like THIS: unlucky19896 What happened to “transplant” that old terminology? 😂

DudeGrows –  The term “transplant” can be triggering for some plants, so we prefer the more gentle term of “Up Potting”. It’s just more positive and a more empowering and assuring word. #guesswhosbaked




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