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Diatomaceous Earth as Silica Supplement

I am currently using Ninurta Ag’s PotentSi, a liquid form of MSA with 1.54% monosilicic acid listed as being derived from Silicon Dioxide!  Quartz!  Sand!  Crystals!

I am going to share some knowledge and my rationalization on why diatomaceous earth as a silica supplement does work, and share the potential drawback that I encountered while using it.

Diatomaceous earth is indeed silicon dioxide, in the form of fossils of tiny protozoa or bacteria or some form of tiny microscopic organism.  What happens during fossilization is that a mineral replaces the tissues, creating a “pseudomorph” structure.  This is where the crystallization takes the exact place of the tissue structures.  So DE is really silicon dioxide crystallized into the shape of these microscopic creatures.  The silicon dioxide is NOT in the shape of it’s repeated crystal lattice resulting in a crystal (grain of sand for instance).

Mixing DE (a small pinch you do not need much, just enough to lightly tint the water and stay suspended) with water will allow you to drench your plant and give it silica.  You’ll see the signs of silica supplementation – stronger more vigorous growth, extra bounce and resilience, sparklier trichomes.  If you are using too much DE or too often, you’ll see the tan DE appearing at the leaf tips and other spots on the plant.  It’s accumulating because you’re using too much of it!  It’ll make your bud taste earthy if you continue to use too much of it!  It’s possible to use DE and I believe I have a non-expert opinion based on science of why it works.  Just be careful that you don’t bioaccumulate too much.  Which is why I stick with my monosilicic acid.


2 responses to “Diatomaceous Earth as Silica Supplement”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    DE takes many many months to release silica. It’s good for outdoor beds but it’s a waste indoors in a pot. It’s an amendment useful in a living soil but not in a soilless media like coco. Depending on the environmental conditions DE could take 6+ months to break down because it takes bacteria to slowly convert the non plant available biogenic silica into plant available silicic acid.

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I dust my vegetables with DE often. I am using it for insect control. I look at it as a plus if it becomes silica at any point. Now that you bring it up though, it makes me think of how much I use in my chicken coop and chicken house. So that is getting collected with the chickenshit to go into my compost heap! Excellent three birds one stone. I so enjoy you on Friday nights my freaky friend. “I fink you’re freaky and I like you a lot.
    – Die Antwoord

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