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Different Leaves

Plants are from same mother but look way different maybe because it was pollinated by a hermaphrodite female?


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    What was pollenated? Are these two plants clones off the same plant or do they come from seed? The different leaf shapes make me believe they are different phenos from seed. Sisters are not identical clones.

  2. CheeseGrower Avatar

    I’m 99% sure they are from same mother. I got pretty focused when gathering seeds. I’ll post a pick of the entire grow it’s seed started from the 2 plants I had in my outdoor garden that one plant is an odd one from all.

  3. New Leaf Avatar

    The symmetrical growth says they’re from seeds. A mom is a plant in which you take cuts (clones) from. Then you root them and they become new plants. Thats how you make a clone.

    Seeds from the same plant aren’t clones, and won’t be identical. Just like babies from the same mother aren’t clones.

  4. CheeseGrower Avatar

    Either way I’m having a blast growing them out quick flip in about 2 weeks

  5. Green Ogre Farms Avatar

    When growing from seed, I always tell people to just keep this in mind. Two human parents won’t have kids that look the same*. That is the same for cannabis seeds, two plants from the same batch of seeds may often look similar, but can also be completely different. I have a photo somewhere of 4 plants that are totally different but from the same batch of seeds.

    Green Ogre Farms

    *twins, etc.

  6. CheeseGrower Avatar

    As it is growing it now has regular looking leaves on the next node above I’ll let them grow out I was more contrhat the pollen came from a stressed out Stardawg strain

  7. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    This is why I prefer clones. Simply checking out different strains is a lot. Having to then sift through Fino types… I’m just glad there’s people that do that shit for fun and a living.

  8. CheeseGrower Avatar

    The plants in the green 2gallon buckets came from the strain Cheese that I planted as a clone and they got pollinated by a Stardawg strain I also cloned. The Stardawg got stressed and hermed self pollinated and got the Cheese pollinated too. I was just thinking of trying to cross them anyway!

  9. Rusty Knuitz Avatar

    same mother different pheno.. f1s will display so many like the mother, so many like the father, so many like gparents. f2s kinda get weird and you will find all kinds. im sure you will notice a few differences later on

  10. CheeseGrower Avatar

    I have now confirmed the 2 plants pictured in green pots were males. I just had a hunch but I wanted to wait till I flipped them. I’m this grow I started with 4 seeds from each plant that germinated then 2 didn’t sprout each.
    Now I’m down to 1 female from each plant growing but now I confirm the seeds from 2 feminized plants created regular seeds. And they are growing great

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