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DMSO Cannabis Topical

Hey guys! I moved from Colorado to Western Massachusetts last year (Family). I work at a hydro shop and it’s been really awesome to watch MA progress with its Cannabis culture. So I’ve been making Cannabis Topical Balm and I’ve been including DMSO as an ingredient and WOW does it work! DMSO is a polar and non-polar solvent that has transdermal properties, it pulls the balm right into the affected (effected?) area. I think I cured arthritis, and my Mom has been putting it on her cancer radiation wound and her latest biopsy was clean and the wound (which is over a year old) is getting smaller. Everyone I trade or give it to raves about it.

Here is my recipe:
2 oz decarbed cannabis flower (higher cbd the better)
2 oz dried arnica flower (anti inflammatory herb)
5 cups organic coconut oil
Steep for 5 hours or magic butter machine it
While the oil is still warm
Blend in
2 oz local beeswax
2 oz DMSO
It is important to give a disclaimer on the DMSO – it opens up your skin to allow everything that follows it to penetrate. This is a bad thing for things like makeup, Aluminum deodorants, motor oil, etc. This means to wash it off your hands really well after applying it so you don’t draw the next thing you touch into your bloodstream. The bottle of DMSO actually says on the label that it is illegal to market DMSO for it health benefits in any way – which I found humorous that the cannabis is legal in my topical but the DMSO makes it illegal. Anyway – if my math is correct the Balm is less than 5%DMSO so it is very mild in its transdermalness. Hit me back if you have questions or want a sample, I’d love to post a recipe to your page. Spread the word because this topical works 10x better than the ones they sell over the counter I tried in Colorado and those work great. I’m talking healing pain relief for any inflammation. Oh yeah it cured our dachshund of her herniated disc which paralyzed her from the waste and the vets said only $6000 surgery would make her walk again. Thanks,  Chuck McKenrick


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  1. E. Elmo Phudpucker Avatar
    E. Elmo Phudpucker

    Great story Chucky – Thanks for sharing, Great Info!

    1. Fall4sin Avatar

      I would love a sample my wife had breast cancer and we just celebrated her 5 year cancer free remission and then 3 months later it’s in her stomach and the only thing that helps with her nauseous is smoking thc since the cancer is in her stomach it’s hard for any edibles to be absorbed so I was thinking mixing a tincture with dmso and applying it to her skin and then your page popped up as I was doing research she is only 37 and we have 2 kids a 7 year old and a 9 year old and she is waking up sick almost every day because of the chemo. So if possible please send me a sample preferably high in thc contents I will even pay you for it with what little money I have trying to take care of a household of 4 by myself now. So please please help I’m begging you

      1. Fall4sin Avatar

        Or if you know where I can get rso oil for less then 300 a month treatment let me know it has to be full spectrum as well thanks

  2. Grouse Grows Avatar
    Grouse Grows

    That’s awesome Chucky. Thanks for the story.
    I have ran into a similar issue with meds from dispensaries, most don’t to the job that is required. I beleave this is do to isolated compounds. Full plant extracts, I beleave is best. We have found that combining coconut oil, avocado oil and cannabis works wonders. We have many people using this internally and topically with excellent results. We also add Shea butter and wild flower bees wax for topical use only.

    I wish we could trade products, to help us all understand this great plant, but the boarder thing gets in the way.
    Its people like you that make to world a much better place. Much respect to you, and thanks for boosting my pride in the DGC.

  3. Max_Power Avatar

    Thank you for the post. I will be making this for my mum with some Hurkle I just pulled. Cheers

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous


  6. mountaingoat Avatar

    Hi Chuck, I wanted to ask if you used liquid DMSO for this recipe? I tried mixing DMSO with oil and beeswax and they always separated. So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. But I wanted to see first if you used liquid one or DMSO in gel form. Thanks!

    1. VenturaMike Avatar

      I’d also like to know the answer to this. I have been making an effective topical with coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter, with the only complaints being from people with joint pain who want something a little stronger. I want to give DMSO a try, but I’m not sure if the liquid will work or if I should buy a different form.

  7. MarkasCannabis Avatar

    Bumping this thread to see if anyone is experimenting with DMSO. My interest is to possibly add it to a sublingual alcohol or glycerine tincture as a means of speeding and increasing effects.

    1. Jaycee Avatar

      how did you go, im looking at same… bit nervous of the outcome.

  8. Karyngirl Avatar

    I also use dmso for pain and want to make a dmso with cbd oil

  9. 420starseed Avatar

    I was wondering how to make this using RSO instead of using bud ??…
    Thank you in advanced ☮️✌🏻💪🏻

  10. Dr Strange Avatar
    Dr Strange

    How fast does the effect start and how long before it reaches maximum effect? (Im sure this is also predicated on the strength of the CBA/THC)

  11. Dr Strange Avatar
    Dr Strange

    I tried it and it had no real effect. I even doubled the dmso. =(

  12. Jaycee Avatar

    I made a brew with 20% DMSO and my home grown high CBD plant extracted in alcohol. One dose made a big dent in a horses parotid gland tumour and took away his sacrum pain. I use it in a spray bottle. I have super high blood pressure and take my cbd tincture daily, not helping at all, so wondered if i sprayed my kidney area with this will it kill or cure me?? No point asking any drs.. ps im from NZ

  13. Elvis Parsley Avatar
    Elvis Parsley

    Made a half batch of this stuff just to try it, it’s truly amazing. Wife uses it everyday for her arthritis.

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