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Fan Leaves turning purple and falling off?

whats up everyone. I have 2 fire OG plants in week 5 of flower, grown in KIS organics water only soil with recharge, mammoth P, and biocozyme in 7 gals. I went from some super weak T5’s to a 600 watt HPS and gave them some pretty bad light burn. A lot of the fan leaves eventually yellowed and fell off. Everything was fine for a few weeks and now the remaining fan leaves are turning yellow and purple and falling off. The buds look fine though. They are stacking on fairly decent and they are packing on some trichs. I’m not super concerned as these were clones from a hermie mother and I just wanted to see how well Optic Foliar switch worked. Not a nanner in sight! I’m usually pretty good at diagnosing deficiencies using google but I’m not sure on this one. That do you all think?


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  1. E. Elmo Phudpucker Avatar
    E. Elmo Phudpucker

    Yo Yo- That is a potassium (k) deficiency. Thats common in such small pots – The plant has drained to soil of the nutes that were bioavailable. If you want to stay orgainic I would suggest top dressing with some worn castings, fish bone meal and langbenite. It looks like you have a fair amount of space on top. I would give them a heavy dress & water in all in with Recharge. In addition, you may want to consider a foliar of potassium citrate. Some USDA research from 2011 showed vastly improved uptake of potassium citrate over potassium nitrate which will increase your overall production

  2. Yo Yo B Avatar
    Yo Yo B

    Right on thanks !

  3. Saint Skinny Avatar
    Saint Skinny

    Sometimes plants will change their colors and discard their fan leaves as they get further into flower. But with the veins of the effected leaves remaining green that’s a point for K deficiency. Grow Weed Easy is a great place to learn about the different deficiencies and what they can look like. Heres a list I got from the GWE Potassium Def Page. Hopefully this helps!

    Leaf Color:
    Edges Appear Brown or Burnt
    Pale Color Leaves
    Yellow Leaves – Lower, older leaves
    Yellowing Between Veins
    Veins of Leaves Stay Green
    Brown or Dark Spots

    Leaf Symptoms:
    Lower Leaves / Older Growth Affected
    Leaf Edges Appear Burnt
    Leaf Tips Appear Burnt
    Leaf Tips Die
    Yellowing Between Veins
    Veins of Leaves Stay Green
    Old Leaves Dropping Off
    Slow Growth
    Twisted Growth
    Abnormal Growth
    Leaves Curl Under
    Leaves Curl Upwards

    Plant Symptoms:
    Old Leaves Dropping Off
    Slow Growth
    Twisted Growth
    Leaves Curl Under
    Leaves Curl Upwards
    Stretch (big spaces between nodes)
    Too Tall

    Other Symptoms:
    Buds Not Fattening

    Are tips/edges of leaves brown or burnt?:

    Spots on Leaves?:

  4. SoCals Cannabis Garden Avatar
    SoCals Cannabis Garden

    With such a great information posted above all I could add is to remember mobile nutrient deficiencies start at the bottom of the plant and work their way up as where immobile nutrient deficiencies affect the new growth. Process of elimination seems to be key in a lot of cases.

    Mobile Nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Chlorine, Sodium, Zinc, & Moblydenum

    Immobile Nutrients: Calcium, Sulfur, Iron, boron, & copper.

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