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Let’s play fact or fiction when it comes to these common grow ‘hacks’, But Diapers!? Over the years we’ve heard so many ridiculous sounding plant hacks. From giving plants milk & cinnamon & coffee, to pee and banana peels to planting with nails and pennies. Even if they’re bullshit, there is something to learn from each of these. What’s real and what’s fake?

Talk to Your Plants – Talking to your plants does not only mean you’ll be talking to someone who actually listens; it will help your plants grow too. Numerous studies have shown that when plants are exposed to sound waves, they grow stronger stems. You can even take it up a notch and sing or play music to your plants.

Use Coffee Grounds – Old coffee grounds are particularly effective as plant boosters, thanks to their calcium, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus content.

Banana peels and eggshells – K & Ca respectively. It’s interesting how they pull them up from the soil into the fruit, then go back into the soil again with the help of microbes

Ash from the fireplace – If you’ve got a log fire, wood burning stove or BBQ, then you can use the ash produced for your plants. Sprinkle a light layer of ash over your soil to offer potassium and calcium carbonate

Potassium is a metal

Calcium is a metal too

Give Your Plants Milk- Milk not only helps to combat powdery mildew but also provides extra nutrients. Dilute it with water and spray it onto your plants or around the roots. Some gardeners even inject it into the plant stems lactobacillus 


Aspirin – Research has found that when water containing aspirin was sprayed onto seeds sown directly in the ground, there was 100 percent seed germination. Beds that didn’t receive it experienced spotty germination. To use it, simply add one-and-one-half aspirins to two gallons of water. Pour it into a spray bottle and then spray your plants every three weeks. It will help strengthen the immune system of your plants so that they can fight off disease. Salicylic acid is something that occurs naturally in plants but in very low amounts. That’s the same substance used to make aspirin, which may be why it not only helps to boost the immune system, but it can stimulate flowering.

Black Swallow Wollastonite Rock Dust

Pee in the Garden- Urine has a high nitrogen content which will help your plants grow lush, strong leaves. However, it’s best not to pee directly onto your plants since the salts in your urine may scorch them. One way to get around this is to collect your urine and dilute it with water before pouring it around the roots. When we eat food, our kidneys filter out excess nutrients that our body is unable to use, and these nutrients are then expelled from the body in our urine. Our urine contains significant levels of nitrogen, as well as phosphorus and potassium.

Use (Clean) Diapers in Your Potted Plants The hydrogel in diapers will help the soil retain moisture. You can cut open the diapers, mix the gel with water and then mix this into your potting soil. Even easier is to simply pull off the outer layer and then place the diaper at the bottom of your container, with the absorbent side facing up, before adding soil.

Plant Pennies & nailsMany commercial fungicides contain copper as one of the main ingredients. A much cheaper way to kill fungal spores in the soil is to bury copper pennies, which will slowly release copper into the soil. Just make sure you choose pennies minted between 1942 and 1996, since they’re made of 98% copper. Rusty nails for iron.

Club Soda??? Hmmmm… What makes club soda more nutritious for plants than tap water? Carbonated water contains macronutrients, including carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and sodium, all of which are beneficial for your greenery.

How Will Coca-Cola Affect the Growth of Plants?


Black market cannabis thrives in California despite legalization

$10 million in illegal cannabis plants seized in East Oakland bust

Germany gives green light to recreational cannabis


On growing your own:

shawnbowles1259 – When I started… I was spending between 800 and 900 a MONTH at the disbo for my wife and I. I have not spent a penny at the disbo since i first purchased the ac infinity 4×4 complete kit. And it was only 800 at the time. 2 months later we got the 4×4 tent for drying at only 149.99 for just the tent. Been happy and growing some dank that makes the disbo cannabis look terrible.  Everyone start growing! It is well worth the initial investment.

On perpetual grows: 

RedPillGrowerI’m perpetual using a dome for seedling/clones, 2×2 early veg, 3×5 mid/late veg, 5×5 flower. Loving it , hard to get timed right but I’ve got enough tents to have some wiggle room.

justinselvey430 –  I have a 4×2 tent with 3 autos in I have 3 wks left on these so I popped 3 more autos 2 wks ago, so 5wks apart waiting for the first 3 to finish to put the next 3 in and so on it’s working out well so far,, I run a 2000w philzon high speed led set at between 4ft to 5ft and I let the plants grown into the zones

coolshirtOkay just to clarify and make notes for anyone here. Perpetual grows is someone who grows in one place or continues to grow in one place. You can add any other word to that but it’s still going to be a perpetual grow. The definition is getting confused with CONVEYER. A conveyer style is one cultivar starting in one place and jumping to different places for the different stages. Why can’t people just find a good growing seed and smoke it lol.

On IPM best practices:

PatrickhashxpattyMy wife and I both have a pair of garden crocs that we only keep in the part of the house where the grow is. We don’t go near the tents without them on. And before opening any tent we heavily spray down with a 70% iso spray.

On plant count:

jasonburridge3505The only plant count they should be concerned with is what’s in flower. It shouldn’t matter how many vegging plants you have as long as you have the space with the exception of autoflowers they can’t produce the devil’s lettuce without flipping the light schedule to 12:12. It really doesn’t make sense to regulate how many plants I’m vegging I like to be selective and it makes it difficult if you want to follow the rules.




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