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Help my CO2 is super low

Hey DGC,

This year am having a hard time keeping my 5×10 CO2 above 250 ppm (Before this year, all my grows CO2 were around 500 and 600 ppm). My average light on is 250-320 ppm using Pulse Pro (I did the 6 month calibration). I have let in fresh air everyday into my grow room which has my grow tent in it.  It will go up to about 480 ppm then drops and stabilizes at 320 ppm. I found a place to rent a 20lb tank for 5 years for $250 and refill is 32$. Is this worth it or should I try out the CO2 bags?  And of course, I would have to buy a regulator. Anyone know a good one?

I have another question if I add CO2 in my grow tent and if my humidity or temperature goes up, my AC Infinity exhaust kicks on, but the room it’s exhausting in is 90% sealed off from my other rooms in my house, plus It has its own AC unit. Hope this makes sense typing this while I’m stoned.  My plants look healthy Included some pictures. I’ve just never had my CO2 below 380 ppm.

Thank you



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  1. TJDirtsniffer Avatar

    Have you had your windows of your house open lately with the nice weather? CO2 builds up inside houses quick. My room in my basement usually stays at 1000-1300 unless it’s spring or fall and windows in the house get open then within hours my ppm goes down to 500-600ppm

  2. MidMOGrower Avatar

    There’s only two people that live in the house and 60% of the time we’re not home. I let in fresh air for about 2-3 hours a day. And it’s spring weather so temperature goes up and down and humidity too outside.

  3. Evil Coach Steve Avatar

    Nothing shows an issue with co2 levels. If you didn’t calibrate your device outside, recalibrate outside. Calibation uses ambient co2 and if you’re in a room that is elevated simply due to breathing, your device will not calibrate correctly.
    Low co2 levels just isn’t a thing in an air exchange grow setup. Your plants look fantastic, ask them about co2.

    1. Evil Coach Steve Avatar

      A more active exhaust will maintain the environment more consistently. If you want to add co2, account for the cost of usage as you’ll go though a tank qickly with any air exchange.

      1. Evil Coach Steve Avatar

        You can use weather stripping, etc to seal the room off as air tight as you can. In a closed off room setup with a tent in there, I like to control the room environment outside the tent and run a constant exhaust in the tent. You can get away with supplementing co2 if the room is a typical bedroom size.

    2. MidMOGrower Avatar

      I took it outside today at noon. Let it sit outside for 10 minutes like Pulse Pro says to do with no extreme wind no direct sunlight no temperature swing. It stabilized at 435ppm after 15 mins.

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