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Edible Euphoria Extravaganza

In memory of Duchy and “Uncle Dan”

“All you have to do is what you are supposed to do.”

Are you tired of mediocre edibles that taste like regret?

Do you dream of creating high-quality, mouthwatering treats that will have your friends begging for more?

We’ve all been there. You try to whip up some magical brownies, but they end up tasting like disappointment. Well, worry no more! Introducing the “Edible Euphoria Extravaganza” – the ultimate solution to all your culinary conundrums!

With the Edible Euphoria Extravaganza process, you’ll transform your kitchen into a kingdom of cannabis delights! Don’t take my word for it listen to these testimonials:

Kush Kelly was so excited I almost had to put er’ down:
“Edible Euphoria Extravaganza turned my kitchen into a culinary wonderland! My cupcakes are so next level; they should come with their own VIP section! It’s like I’m hosting a flavor fiesta every time I bake. Gracias, Edible Euphoria, you’re the real MVP!”

and Dank Dave had some radical things to say as well:
“Man, before Edible Euphoria Extravaganza, my brownies were so lame, they were practically black and white. But now, they’re like a psychedelic trip for your taste buds man! It’s like I’m the Bob Ross of baking, creating happy little edibles.”

Say goodbye to the days of bland edibles and hello to a world of mouthwatering, gourmet treats.

Now that we’ve had a taste of the whimsical world of the ‘Edible Euphoria Extravaganza,’ let’s buckle up as we embark on a journey that combines the art of infusion with the science of precision – transforming your mediocre edibles into a symphony of taste and euphoria, and your kitchen into a cannabis-infused haven of flavor.

To do so we will be harnessing the power of Sous vide. (‘soo veed’)

Sous vide is a culinary technique that sounds fancy but is a game-changer for anyone tired of the hit-or-miss results in cannabis-infused cooking. It involves sealing your herb in a vacuum-sealed bag or closed jar cooking them slowly in a water bath at a precise temperature.

Recommended Equipment:

Sous Vide Cooker:
There is a plethora of options on the market, spanning various price points, I snagged an Anova Precision Cooker on Black Friday. Highly recommended for its quality and ease of use—I’ve been using mine for over six years, and it’s still going strong.

Heat-Resistant Container with Lid:
For the sous vide bath, choose a spacious container to accommodate vacuum-sealed bags or jars. Personally, I found a hot-cold-rated food storage bin with a lid at my local restaurant supply store. Alternative options are available online or you can use any appropriately sized cooking pot, bucket, bin. If lacking a lid, aluminum foil serves as a reliable alternative.

Cooking Vessel:
Opt for a wide-mouth Mason jar with NEW ring lids or a vacuum sealer with bags. In a pinch, heavy-duty gallon Ziplock freezer bags work well. The size depends on your batch, easily scalable up or down. While I recommend jars, use what you have. If using Ziplock bags, double or triple bagging is advisable. Remove as much air as possible from bags, we are not concerned with air left in the jars.

Cooking Oil:
Choose a cooking oil aligning with your preferences and culinary goals. Options include coconut oil, clarified butter (NOT simply melted butter), ghee, vegetable oil, MCT oil, or avocado oil.

Recently Ground Infusion Material:
Pay attention to your input as it significantly impacts your output. Opt for a coarse grind.

Cheesecloth, Nut Milk Bag, Fine Mesh Strainer, or tightly cupped hands. (just kidding don’t do that!) I purchased reusable nut milk bags of various pore sizes, coupled with kitchen fine mesh strainers, to build a filter stack.

Collection Vessel:
This should be self-explanatory. I personally use a Mason jar with a large funnel that accommodates my “filter stack.”

The Setup and Cook:

Begin by preparing the water bath, filling your Heat-Resistant Container with HOT water. This expedites warm-up time and reduces stress on your precision cooker. Plug in and set your precision cooker to 200°F (93°C).

Combine ground material and oil in your cooking vessel, ensuring full coverage. I recommend a 1:1.25 ratio by volume of plant material to oil. The extra oil simplifies the process.

Once the water bath is heated, seal your cooking vessel and submerge it in the water bath, ensuring the infusion material is below or at the water’s surface. For jars, position them with the glass ridge. located below the lid, at water level, ensuring no water can enter the jar. For bags, secure them to prevent floating, which could disrupt water circulation.

Allow it to cook for no less than two hours, with three being recommended. This process will also decarb your herb. Check the water level for evaporation and agitate the contents every 30 minutes (do not open the jars). Add HOT water as needed to maintain a high-water level.

After the designated time, let the jars cool to around 100°F (~48°C) before filtering. The infused oil is warm enough to improve viscosity but not too hot to handle, facilitating the filtering process.

Consider building a filter stack for coarse/fine material separation or use what you have to strain the plant material from your oil. Gently squeeze your plant material, being careful not to push it through the filter.

Your oil is now ready to use. Store it in a cool, dark place. I typically substitute infused oil in regular recipes at a 1:1 replacement, diluting as needed. While it’s a good idea to make a test batch to determine potency, I often yolo 420 blaze it and run it at full strength, garnering great reviews.

Proceed with caution or wanton disregard, never both.

Other tinctures or flavor infusions can be crafted using this same process. Experiment with dried fruit, herbs, or spices to enhance the flavor of your end product. Dry ingredients, especially citrus zest, come highly recommended. Happy cooking!

Keep the faith, and don’t get caught.


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  1. Hybrid Ohio Avatar

    When adding additional flavors to your oil start small, this will be cooking over a long period of time. Start conservative unless you are looking for a strong flavor. You can infuse oil with other flavors before and have them on hand. I personally love coconut oil infused with dried strawberries when making fresh dressings.

    Use your imagination and do not be afraid to fail.

  2. Hybrid Ohio Avatar

    If you use this method please post your photos tagged #EdibleEuphoriaExtravaganza !

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