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Started my flush

I started my flush 4 days ago and I’m hoping I didn’t jump the gun and do to early, I’ve made a lot of mistakes but this is my first grow and their autos. You guys helped me out so much with your grow show you don’t even know how much I appreciate you guys and I’m proud to be part of the community.  Please inspect my pics and tell me what you think, I’ve got 6 plants and 3 cultivars, pics in this order 1. My grow 2. Moonshine cookies 3. Tangie 4. Glookies.


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  1. Mr. Snicklefritz Avatar

    Im new to this and forgot to post the origins of my seeds All seeds are from Blimburn . There’s not to many places that lets you buy just one seed and that was pretty much the determining factor for this newbie but having said that their genetics helped me out tremendously , these things should have hermmied 100 times over with me trying to find my groove , I didn’t even know what PH was until week 3. And I have to say I smoked some scruff I cleaned off the bottom of the moonshine cookies and omg I am extremely pleased.

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