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Edibles, the future of consumption?

Hey everyone !

So lets talk cannabis edibles. I have seen the light and think edibles are the future of cannabis, I do a infused maltodextrin drink mix powder which is super easy and discrete. Was there any other methods of consumption you guys can think of that is better then this? Also I just take infused butter and drop it into coffee, seems like it wouldn’t work but it does feel great.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys do !


2 responses to “Edibles, the future of consumption?”

  1. VA Kief Katcher Avatar

    Huge fan of edibles! We visit a wonderful bud and breakfast in VA which includes infused options on all of their gourmet meal choices 🙂

  2. Blooming Life Avatar

    That is a different way of consuming it. But I myself like bong rips and believe the medical benefit I get that way works best for me. A lot of light weight users I find moving towards gummies which my girl and I make great ones. She loves taking in the medical product of the plant this way in moderation and small dosses at a time. I have another friend who only uses edibles my gummies in fact since the price is severely reduced and being a light weight occasional user. This is a perfect match for me, I can sell undesirable buds and the trimmings. Take and turn that into a condensed product infused into gummy. So I don’t see this being a replacement but an addition to the 420 family. My mom consumes now because of edibles which helps her pain management and sleep. So I look at this as just adding more consumers to the market and in return guaranteeing the growth of the free movement.

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