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Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles grown from regular seed from Sooner Smoke I’m so happy I’m actually finally growing actual nugs thanks to the DGC 😃


4 responses to “Fruity Pebbles”

    1. Britt Keen Avatar

      Thanks I appreciate that…. it feels so good putting in the love and the time watching it turn from seed to finished product…. There’s nothing like it, that’s why I keep doing it

  1. OkieGrower88 Avatar

    Beautiful nug indeed, thats some great work there. Ive just begun my photo journey, Ive just run autos so far, if I get something half that dank ill be happy, Grow Love!!

    1. Britt Keen Avatar

      Okiegrower88 man I really appreciate the love bro I’ve been growing just over a year and my first couple harvests I wasn’t happy with the bud structure they were all airy and I was doing Everything right but one thing my lights I heard Scotty say your light is your horsepower and I was using cheap knockoff led lights I believed there advertising lol so I listened to Scotty and uped my light game I’m now running 2 Mars Hydro TSL 2000’s game changer

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