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This is my first successful grow !

4 buckets DWC. with New Millenium Nutrients. Grown under a Photontek 600 PRO.

Seeds from Exotic Genetix. 2 Gary Poppins,2 Plasma Gas.

Details of my experience…

I started my first grow in the summer of 2021. They were auto flower seeds I obtained from a not so great seed bank( I wont mention the site)  The harvest was less than one could imagine & potency was lacking to say the least. Purchased some better beans for run 2. I had made it 4 weeks in to flower, somehow screwed the timer up  & sent them back in to veg. Again no yield or Potency. Run 3 was bound to go better so I buckled down & got the new ladies all the way to week 7  of flower. They looked amazing. We had a freak storm in July with a microburst that took out our lines & pulled them from the house. Power out for 10 days. My ladies totally molded in the sweltering heat of Missouri in Mid-July. Again no smoke.

I harvested 4 lovely ladies on November 29th 9 weeks in to flower.


2 responses to “FINALLY !”

  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Good job sticking with it! It is an activity that requires so much time and money.. It is always so disappointing to see people give up. I am so lucky that I had a mentor that could get me clones and set up enough that I would at least be able to blame myself when things went wrong. I still after years of trying seeds here, and there has not really found anything better than the clones I have got. keep at it! It’s only gonna get better and better. Unless you accept seeds from every guy in town.

    1. TerpeneToby Avatar

      Only buy quality genetics that required a lot of hunting =)

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