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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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I swear I was smoking hemp officer! I was smoking weed in the snooty part of town! Vape Pen FTW! Does anybody care anymore? It’s CBD man!

Yo Cop, it’s CBD Man! Arrests for marijuana possession shows how cops must adjust to hemp products

Shoutout to CBD! Fixed my neck.

Court Brief Slams DEA’s ‘Indefensible’ Rationale For Firing Agent Over Positive THC Test Attributed To CBD Hemp Product

I saw a guy wearing a buffalo coat & hat and he just looked like this.

Fox fur coat

Women’s Large Real Red Fox Fur Collar Cuff Hooded Coat

I prefer faux fur

Wife & Daughter wanted to get a few more xmas gifts.

Candle by the Hour 48-Hour Horizontal Candle

Ketamine Scented Soy Candle

PyroPet Kisa Cat Candle

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Wuqiong Salt-baked Chicken Wings (a fascinating world opens up in the listing)

Boose right up front at the entrance! $12 hot chocolate, $7 shot. Mother in law is talking to my daughter about vape cart prices. $40 vape cart vs 2 hot chocolates. Of course there was plenty of CBD for sale! Vaping the CBD pen all day long.


sneakybee03 Dude is on to something..I like to workout on the right amount of mushrooms

kentaggart2121 Scotty you should get a “Mike” nametag for your robe. Then you’ll be wearing, wait for it… your Mikerobe… lol

Jimmymutter5938 Dig the show you guys are great 👍

Torrencekrepps757 But our live resin is $40 a gram and I love it before it was legal it was priced as $50 to $80 a gram

Greenhouse4243 Thank you dgc for the reading my comment. I really appreciate that so much and I love watching you’re guys shows. Six can be nine. Like that Jimmy Hendrix song. If six was a nine I don’t mind. Lol!  If you guy’s listen to 777hz that will open you’re third eye and you’re 3rd eye is connected to you’re pineal gland. Now if you guy’s listen to 999hz will open up god frequencies.☮🤘💚🌲

Jbagz9619 happy holidays Growmies! I scooped up an AC Infinity Ion frame Evo 6 and saved almost 300 from retail using their sale and stacking the DGC coupon code on top, and free shipping! Hope you all scored something good for yourself and loved ones. 

Jonathanhenderson9553 Lots of medicine is acceptable to take at or before work. I feel there should be no exception for cannabis. It’s our medicine right?!!! We use it for all different reasons. If you get to know your strains, you can really dial in what is good to use and when it’s a good time to use it. But suggesting that you can’t have the medicine that you need if you  have a certain job, doesn’t seem very right or fair 🤔

Barbwire5bh294 Hey.. Sucks having a career you can’t smoke … Operated the train..RETIRED now smoking and started my 1st grow.. thanks for all the great help!



Is this boat real? 

Ethan Forhetz reports on ‘sketch’ of suspected thief

Pedal Less bicycle 

Is this really what zero G looks like?

170-Year-Old Shipwreck Champagne Is Oldest Ever Tasted, With Notes Of “Animal” And “Wet Hair”

Rick James house

Good Times Bad Times – LED ZEPPELIN 


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