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First time cloning and not a single root on 23 cuts

Hello DGC first timer here. I am currently following Jeremy @buildasoil growing thr Strawberry D-luxe from Dominion seed co. March 6th I took 12 cuts in my first attempt at trying to clone. I am on day 9 today and the cuts have absolutely nothing going on in the root department.

I used rootwise, aloe, and coconut water to soak them before putting them in peat pucs and the humidity dome. Running 85 to 95% humidity and 80 to 84 degrees. Don’t now what else to do except wait more. At what point do I  give up throw em in the worm bin. Thank all for any kind of help.

All the Love from the Garden of Weedin.


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  1. Givener Avatar

    Patience! I’ve taken 87 clones this year and my success rate is about 85%. The fastest rooter was eight days and the slowest was 23. Give them some time and they’ll get there. My average rooting time is 12 days.

  2. Budwin Jones Avatar

    Be patient. But, make sure you started out the right way! I’ve had the best luck cutting clones that are 3 nodes or more tall, cutting at a 35 degree angle directly across a node and treating with cloning solution. Dome your clones and keep them domed – they foliar feed so humidititty is our friend until those roots take hold.

    As a side note – I screwed up my first clone cutting ever. I left the cuts for 3 weeks in rapid rooter and a seed starter tray and had yellowing leaves and no roots! I re-cut the stems directly across the bottom node – not in between on the stem, bought a 24 slot spray cloner on Amazon for $30, transfered and let them go for another 3-4 days. I added just enough recharge to make the water look like weak tea and Ph to 6.0. Bingo!!! Rooted, healthy plants!

    1. Shawn Bowles Avatar

      Hey everyone!!!!! I checked em today and have 4 white widows rooted😯 No Strawberry D-luxe yet though. After reading what yall say Im pretty sure I cut them in the wrong spot. Between nodes rather than across the nodes. So I think I cut the ones that did root already the coreect way. I will reassess tonight and maybe recut the Strawberry D-luxe.
      I cant thank you all enough

      1. J Mystro Avatar

        Anywhere you make a wound on a stem will form roots. There’s not really a wrong spot. A striped node or two under the media certainly helps. You can scrap bare stem as well. The biggest issue with root formation is over-saturation of the media/stem. Think of a sponge. If you dunk it under water. All the space will fill with water. That’s saturated. Give the sponge a gentle squeeze and a good amount of water will run out. As you release the pressure on the sponge, air will be pulled in. The sponge is still wet, but no longer saturated. This is the perfect environment for roots to form. This is why I personally clone in rockwool. I have total control of the moisture content.

  3. Shawn Bowles Avatar

    Thank you all. I will dive into that article tonight when I get home from work. Crossing my fingers here…I have to admit, this is very discouraging and may steer me away from cloning if nothing happens. Thank you again for the encouragement

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