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Fix is cheaper than replace!

I’m constantly knocking my fans off the wall. This time it’s snapped the plastic band that goes around both wind screens. I could put it on with wire. I’ve done that before. It’s a pain in the ass however. every time I do a changeover, I have to take everything apart. So I didn’t want to give up my easy plastic ring. Never fear! The only Christmas and birthday presents. I get our tools. So plastic welder once again to the rescue. You can use a plastic welder on so many things in the grow. The more the world is made of plastic… The summer I also fixed internal plastic parts for my dehumidifier. It is a large expensive dehumidifier, so I was extremely thrilled that this was working so well. If y’all don’t want to save money, then why do you even grow?


2 responses to “Fix is cheaper than replace!”

  1. uncle luke61 Avatar

    I’m with ya there sista. I do my best to fix before I buy.
    Had a grow bud oscillating fan. We all know they had a bad rep there for a while. I got 1 any way 40$. It shit on me. They honored the warranty. I thought fuck it I’ll open it up. Easy fix,they pinched the powering an I was cut as a result.inre wired it an it’s still running 3 years later. If it’s in my scope of knowledge,,it’s on.

  2. hulie Avatar

    i have the same fan for my home helps the heat up high get moved around … but mine dont have the plastic hold for the fan cage like that i have little metal clips … but i have a quick tip that may work if you dont want two keep fixing it like that if it breaks again is copper wire or even the wire that they use two hold up plants in the garden may work bread tie’s even if you want cheep alternatives .. or even better leave it off completely is another the cage acuwally blocks a bit of the air flow a little.. but just a sugestion…

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