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Calcium deficient or bugs?

Hey DGC,

My plant is week 5 in flowering (Grape Balls of Fire-Ethos- Living Soil) and showing these sign on a few leaves about a week ago.  I didn’t see any bugs moving but included pic incase I over looked.  Please let me know.
Thank you



6 responses to “Calcium deficient or bugs?”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    The damage doesn’t look nutritional. Doesn’t look like an infestation either. Probably nothing to worry about unless it gets worse. Make sure your soil’s pH buffer is in range.

    1. MidMOGrower Avatar

      Hope you get better soon Mystro.
      Oh I know I’m confused on what’s going on.
      I usually top dress week three a flowering, but this time only did half the top dressing since the plants look like they had enough food from my first top dressing. Other are super healthy no problems just the 2 Grapes Balls are showing thus maybe they a calcium hungry plants like my banner was.

      1. J Mystro Avatar

        Thanks for the support. I’m recovering in my recliner. I wouldn’t add any supplemental calcium unless the spotting gets worse.

        1. MidMOGrower Avatar

          Thank you god bless you brother.

  2. hulie Avatar

    you know what that looks like.??? is how close is that lite two this leaf.??? if you look real close the next leaf has a blotted green spot that looks very similar and in just the right spot if you look close at what the lite seems two be focused on… i have a small v 100 and they say you can get real close two plants with it and i do get close never closer than 12″ but it is a constant thing while there growing,, but even with that little v 100 100 watt in my 3x3x5 tent that thing will cook the leaf’s right off starting like a burn white spot kinda some times other times like the leaf is all krickeled up.. but alway at closer than 12″ what they dont tell you is led lights are acuwally lazars at close range’s… but just a guess respectfully the edges are kinda acting wierd on the leaf’s.. just a guess my friend… cheers way two grow mabey raise the light a wee bit… go dgc

    1. MidMOGrower Avatar

      Thanks for all the input. All the spots disappeared, and my leaves are starting to fade to dark purple. I think it may have been that I see no problems now lol. Both the plants are doing it now maybe that’s how it fades. I have no idea. Kind of weird. This the Grape Balls of Fire(Ethos). Am on the end of Weeks 6 of flowering now.

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