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Freebies galore!!!!

Hello fellow humanoids. Just felt like posting some great news. For me. Lol. Hopefully it can help you too…

Took advantage of Black Friday and dropped $$$ on new seeds. Bought some packs from RAW and some from his buddy, Tiki Madman. Anyway, I think I was supposed to get 2 freebie seeds from Tiki? But instead got 3 x 10-packs. And he did the same thing on my other order!!! Another 3 extra packs!!

Maybe he is still in a generous mood? His extras were Lemon Cherry Gellato- Lemon Cherry Fire- Grape Ape-Sherbert- Gushers bx. All in crosses with each other. All sounds like fire to me.

Maybe someone else wants to give Tiki a try? Very impressed with his generosity.

I bought from him…. Headhunter- Pablos Private Reserve- Devil Driver x Apple Strudel- Devil Driver x Trop Runts.

Super pumped about all my new gear. And Im still waiting on one more from Tiki Madman. Maybe another 3 free packs??

Anybody get killer Black Friday freebies??




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