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Dry tent ventilation


Running a 3×3 with 4inch exhaust fan. Is it better to have a the fan running all the time or can I have it exhaust for 1/2 hour ever 6 to exchange some air? I’ve had problems with drying to fast in the past and wondering if the constant suction is the result. Just worried that no air movement for those 5hrs I’ll run into mold. With fan off temp is 62°c Rh 54 with fan on temp 53°c Rh 38 thanks in advance from Northern Alberta 😀 😊


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    You need to set up the tent’s exhaust to maintain the proper drying environment. It’s based on the room’s conditions. You can exhaust constantly if the room’s conditions are in range. Ideally you want about 60%RH with temps in the low 60’s. Stale, humid air is prime for mold. Air movement is essential to prevent micro-climates.

    1. Robby Bruneau Avatar

      Thanks for the response 👍 much appreciated
      If I remember correctly you were mentioned on the latest DGC
      Positive vibes being sent for you, hope you feel better

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I used a tent for the first time to dry this last time. I used a 4 inch in line booster fan . I have never before had any mold while drying in all these years untill this round. I had some extremely dense. Buds. (Jrs grapefruit slushy). And I got a little bit. I am going to put a splitter on my fan so it pulls from both sides of tent next time. If the same bud gives me trouble then She will be asked to leave my harem. VERY DENSE . Other than that I liked how I was able to control as to keeping

  3. Cos_grows Avatar

    Hey. I was taught and learned early on that drying and curing are more important than the grow itself. I could grow beautiful buds but was to worried on other things. I invested into inkbirds and now I have ac infinity controlling my exhaust fans and ink birds controlling my heater /humidifier /dehu. Kinda keeps each other in check that way. I always shoot for 60F/60%. Seems I can keep them hanging a little longer and are not in a rush to trim everything down right away. I always tell people new to growing invest into a dry area and worry about upgrading after you get it dialed.

    1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

      Clutch as the kids say!

  4. Delray_Kevin Avatar

    So, I dry in a similar sized tent. I have my exhaust set up as @JMystro describes (the exhaust comes on if the RH or temp go above target, though the culprit has never been temp for a fan activation in the dry tent). However, to avoid stagnation of the air inside the tent, I have a small oscillating fan (that no longer oscillates), set on the lowest setting at the very bottom of the tent. I point it at the seem between one wall and the floor. It’s job is just stir the air inside the tent without blowing on any buds I’ve hung up to dry.

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