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Grow Dots Test Updates

It’s been a while and I owe Scotty and the DGC an update on my Grow Dot(s) trials. Original trials we’re going to be Autos grown side by side with Grow Dots in Coco Loco vs Organic Soil and FloraFlex nutrients but I quickly realized there’s no way even with the best genetics to do any side by side comparisons with Autoflowers. You can’t clone them and the genetics Are Not Stable. Period. Nevertheless, I did get good results from the Autos grown with Grow Dots after passing them off to a buddy who’s the best autoflower grower I know.

Orange Sherbet- 420 Fast Buds.

Lemon Auto- Seedsman

Mexican Airlines- 420 Fast Buds(not shown)

All were grown in Coco Loco using the High Feed Rate of 45g per gallon of soil and were watered with Recharge water, Compost Teas and Banana water throughout the grow cycle. Note- They were given silica during the first 3 weeks and I recommend this addition not only with Grow Dots but all plants and nutrient systems.

All yielded 6-8 oz per plant, this is very good for autos but not unusual for my buddy who often gets 12+ oz per plant(not a reflection on Grow Dots, he’s just a fantastic autoflower grower in his organic system).

The flavors and scents were all on point for the strains which is highly unusual for me with autos but then again that’s why I passed them off.

In short, I was pleased and impressed with Grow Dots and the results and would definitely recommend them for use with autoflowers.

I am also using Grow Dots to hold my keeper clones in a slow veg while growing out the donors(photo sucks but the plants are beautiful). For the slow veg I am using the Light Feed Rate of 15g per gallon of soil and I am extremely pleased. I did also keep a male through pollination with Grow Dots and he was beautiful. For me this is trust in Grow Dots, my clones represent years of breeding work and I value highly, I would also recommend Grow Dots for slow vegging clones.

Although, I haven’t grown a photoperiod to completion with Grow Dots I do not see any reasons why they wouldn’t be perfect for 8-10 week flowering plant.

Happy Growing 🙂



Recharge the Fourth Macronutrient

Grow Dots, once and done.


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    12oz an autoflower what are you smoking?

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