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Sugar Puss and Moneymaker by Exotic Genetix

Hey DGC! Got these seeds from SHN and they turned out great!! Actually had an issue with first pack and they made it right and backed their product. Popped the new seeds and am keeping these two phenos to run again.

Sugar Puss and Moneymaker by Exotic Genetix. Sugar Puss was a freebie and it is the frostiest plant I’ve ran yet! Can’t wait to smoke. Harvesting this weekend.

Grown in living soil beds that are 3 years old and I use build a soil products to top dress. Lighting is new (first run) HLG Blackbirds. (Replaced 3 yr old HLG DIY kit) These new ones are super  powerful!! One strain got too close and it nuked the top buds. Have to be very careful with distance. First run so didn’t know how light or new seeds would stretch.

Let me know what you think!


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  1. Sensi_mi_yah Avatar

    Horror Movie idea….a living soil that becomes radioactive and enters a blob like state.

  2. J.R. Avatar

    Your post was featured on episode 1367! Thanks for your support!

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