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Who’s Used Grow Dots with Autos?

What up Crew,

Have you used Grow Dots with autos? If so, after popping, do you use a solo cup or do you go straight to your finishing container and skip the solo cups? When do you mix in your Grow Dots?


6 responses to “Who’s Used Grow Dots with Autos?”

  1. MinneStoner Avatar

    I ran auto flowers last round with the Grow Dots/Recharge in preammended soil (Mother Earth Terracraft) with Barney’s Farm Wedding Cake Auto. It was my first grow in an ACI grow tent kit. As it was my first grow, some mistakes were made by me, but I ended up with smokeable flower which is more than some can say for their first.

    Right now I’m running 2 X Lemon Jeffery by Irie Genetics in 2 X 6.6 gal auto pots. I think this is the winning combination for my grow style.

    1. MinneStoner Avatar

      Sorry I’m minnestoned and don’t think I can edit my previous comment so reply here we go. I started them in peat pellets actually, but I did paper towel into solo cups this round with the photos and a tsp of the dots. Extra time aside, I liked this route better as I had less work to do to keep the seedlings happy in the solo cup.

  2. oneeyecc Avatar

    I have both direct sowed with Grow Dots and planted into a solo cup before then transplanted with autos. I found success with both methods, but direct sowing took so experimenting. I found when I fully incorporated the grow dots in the media and put my seed right in, there seemed to be slower growth and so twisted leaves but it grow out of it. To remedy this I will fill a solo cup with straight media and set it aside. After I fully incorporate the Grow Dots in the rest of the media, I push the solo cup into the middle to make a hole the size of the cup. I then pull the up out and fill that hole with the straight media that was in the cup. Planting the seed in the section of straight media seems to give the tap roots time to develop before it hits the nutrients. Like a buffer zone.

  3. Redneck Avatar

    I use them regularly. What I’ve found is some strains can’t take the full dose and will stunt early. I found personally measuring out 7-10 g per gallon usually does the trick with no issues.

  4. Dankasaurus Avatar

    I’ve done it both ways with autos and Grow Dots but eventually landed on just direct sowing into media with dots. Always comes out fire.

  5. Timerrhoid Avatar

    I am late in finishing time for mephisto 24carat day 89 (started real slow on first grow using bulb style lighting from Walmart) but I used grow dots small amount in solo cup on 12-10-23, split most of remaining amount between 2 2qt area pots. In thinking now was too much my highest ppm I seen was over 5k, been doing run off watering more since then but real dark green and think some yellow/ brown burn marks from to much or extreme heat in attic box I swapped to with the better lighting I am now using. But I think in correct bucket and dosing they are very easy to use. Now to find a better place to grow next try, triploid seeds awaiting a decent location for me second grow

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