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Hash Plant

What up again .. so this is my Hash Plant that was originally breed by Ethos .. I spent a few years hunting packs of male female seed(now retired) .. I don’t have all the space in the world so it takes some time , but time I have .. well this was the outcome .. she is colorful towers over everything always and smells like Burnt Rubber , Spice, and Citrus .. another reason I picked her is she has huge heads and they separate like a champ when she washes .. as you can see she has huge palm buds that easy fall apart in freezing water with little to no ice .. this is week 8 of 12-13 that I run her .. by the end she is like the American flag Red White and Blue 🇺🇸🇺🇸 hope these pics look better than the last  💀🌹⚡️


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    Noice picked the correct picture size for these

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