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Almost Harvest Question?

Hey DGC,

I have 6 plants in my 5×10,  5 are on week 9.5 (ready to chop 90-95% milky and 5-10% amber.  The 1 other plant is a week behind.  I have a auto tent that’s on 18/6.  Can I put it there for a week without any problems to finish, while the rest are drying?   I’ve heard of Rasta saying he does 18/6 in the last week.  But didn’t know if anyone has experienced doing it?
Thank you




10 responses to “Almost Harvest Question?”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    You shouldn’t have any issues.

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Fucking do it and let us know how it goes. None of us have the balls to try it. But we’re all super curious.

    1. MidMOGrower Avatar

      I will let update know in 2 weeks.

  3. MateoGBG Avatar

    yes sir! I’ve had to do that a few times with the longer flowerers

  4. Paddy O’Toker Avatar


    Do it!

    18/6 week 10 of flower is amazing.

    I do, and have done so every cycle 4x a year for almost 3 years now.

    Never had a problem, only bigger more swollen buds and a more completely ripened plants.

    Bectopia I’m your huckle bearer 18/6 for the win 🤠

  5. Shawn Bowles Avatar

    I think it was Rasta Jeff that recomended to flip ur girls back to 18/6 for the last week of flower. Not enough time for her to do anything major before ya cut her…thats how I understood it.

  6. wiscofarmer420 Avatar

    did u try it? if so any naners popping out? or all going good?

    1. MidMOGrower Avatar

      I did it for 10 days on the 8th day I started seeing 3 nanner’s pop out.

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