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If this is bad, why does it turn out so good?

So when you look at this plant matter that is directly under a bear HPS lightbulb, looks pissed, right? You’re gonna tell me that too much like too much heat too much  wind. I would have to agree. But then I would have to think of what actually happens in reality. These angry spots are always my best buds. They are always the biggest with the most candy coating. This is not heat related to be clear. What you were seeing is going to be light and wind. Not actual high temperatures. So my question is, is it simply heat? That is the real problem? When I don’t take it to this level, the buds are average, pretty, safe.  So I am constantly fighting myself mentally on what to do. I know what I get when I do one thing. But the world is telling me to do something else. Per the usual. I feel like the world is always telling me that I need to do something a certain way. Yet I don’t seem to get the results advertised when I do it. Do you know how confusing it is for me in this world? Navigating it is something else I tell ya! So here’s the question really, is it because I’m not overheating that I’m not destroying? And I can get away with the other things?



2 responses to “If this is bad, why does it turn out so good?”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    HPS lighting grows amazing bud. The only down side is the heat and not being able to see the plant’s true color. The results speak for themselves.

    1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

      But how am I able to get away with making the plants so angry? Is that because of the quality HPS is putting out or something? I am lucky that I am able to use the heat not only to heat the room but also heats my entire shop. Or greenhouse. I just moved the exhaust duck work to a different area. I am curious what other people are paying for electricity. If I’m paying seven cents, is that as awesome as I seem to think it is? If someone reads this, please put what they’re paying per kilowatt hour.

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