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Infusion machines

Just wondering if anyone  using infusion machines notice having to use more, or less, weed to achieve their desired results? I love cooking with butter and oils and use the oven and crockpot with good results, but would like to simplify the process, but not at the cost of more, or wasted product.

Thanks growmies.


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  1. MidMOGrower Avatar

    I actually like the LEVO II this way better. It decarbs bud, not only that it’s also can be used to dry herbs(mint, thyme etc) so you can infuse fresh herbs too.
    Then infusing is so easy and makes easy it clean. Plus I got the gummy maker for with their gummy mix. So happy with the quality of the machines and mixes. 9/10.

    I’ll give them a 10 out of 10 if I could fit more than half an ounce in the machine. But if you want to do an ounce just do the process twice using the same oil.

  2. Desertdude317 Avatar

    Having purchased both a Magic Butter Machine, and an Ardent FX, I can tell you neither gets used anymore. The Butter Machine literally chops the flower as it infuses. This caused alot of chlorophyl color and taste in my infusions. The Ardent FX doesn’t stir up the infusion, but it is messy and difficult to strain out the infusion. The LEVO machines look to be a much better option for what its worth.

    Regardless, you can still make some potent infusions without any machines.

  3. RASUFA Avatar

    I have a levo II (actually 2) and a magic butter who I am sponsored by. Both have pros and cons. The reason I have 2LEVO machines is because they totally dicked me on the warranty. The little door latch that is totally cheap broke off and they wouldn’t cover it. I posted about it and I got a lot of messages from people who went through the same thing. My IG followers went nuts and started hammering them online until they just sent me a free machine and told me to leave them alone. all that crap aside, their machine produces a much cleaner product than magical butter. If you use the pod(s) that are part of the levo system there is very little contamination and you can make it pretty much clear (with color) with a single straining through a micron bag. However, I find that the pods work best with about 7 g in them. Levo allows you to put in two pods as a hack and still be within their warranty. As I stated before, I am not confident in their warranty coverage whatsoever. A lot of people use a French press screen in the bottom of the levo crucible and fill it with material . This gives a stronger end product because you can use more flower . When you decarb in the levo, you have to put it in the pods . that allows you to decarb about 14 to 20 g and it takes for fucking ever To get yourself several ounces of decarbed material. Then you have to infuse it. if you’re using two pods you’re confusing about a half an ounce at a time it holds 2 cups of oil. I like to infuse about a half an ounce per cup, so I end up running it two times with two pods each time. This does give it a little more cooked flavor because it’s in the heat for longer While it is a very clean and product, levo takes a very long time to infuse even a small batch from beginning to end. It also requires you to take some places apart to clean it. The levo will infuse oil, butter, honey, or milk. Very flimsy door latch so be gentle as a rule.
    Now the magical butter machine. In my opinion, is a far better company with a much better emphasis on consumer care. My IG people messaged the MBM guys and they saw that levo was dropping the ball. They sent me a machine so that I could keep up with making medicine for folks. They also asked me not to do any head-to-head content because they didn’t want to make any competitors look bad or create negative energy. I immediately joined their team. As someone stated above the machine will make a very green product. It’s basically a milkshake machine in a stainless steel pitcher. It chops up the material a ton and there is chlorophyll in the final product. it does not decarb your flower for you. This product will however, infuse several ounces of weed using up to 4 cups of oil. With my pre-decarboxylated material I can be done with 4 cups infused with 2 ounces of flower in just over an hour. It has a self-cleaning feature that does about 95% of the job in about 10 minutes. A couple wipes with a paper towel after that and you are done. I am a huge fan of the magical butter machine. I find it to be much sturdier than the levo, faster than the levo and much cheaper than the levo. I have run both of these machine on YouTube for the “Let’s be Budz” podcast. You can look up Rasufa on their channel if you want to see these machine in true action without commercial edit. For the record I think the old pan or crockpot methods produce aa stonger infusion. But the machines make it easy.

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