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Starting Seeds In Coco Coir

What’s up DGC, been listening for a while first time posting. I’m currently in my first coco run after switching from soil and have a couple questions regarding the seedling stage. I’m using 100% canna coco no perlite, with canna coco a & b as well as botanicare cal-mag for nutrients. My nutrient solution registers at 0.9 ec and 6.2 pH currently, I planted the seeds almost 3 days ago using said solution and now have 8 for 8 seeds sprouted.

The media is still rather moist however it’s been 3 days since watering. Should I water tonight with a properly balanced nutrient solution or continue to let the cups dry out? If growing in soil I would wait a few more days, but I know coco can and needs to be kept moist to keep the pH, ec and steady.

Any help would be much appreciated thanks DGC!


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Seedlings do not require any mineralized nutrition for the first few weeks. Careful not to over saturate the coco initially when the tap root is trying to establish itself. It’s very easy to stress out the young seedling’s tap root. You shouldn’t need to use any Canna nutes for at least the first two weeks.

  2. spicoli420 Avatar

    Just an update on my post, I started the seedlings on 0.9 ec made up of canna coco an and b plus calmag.

    I’ve been using recharge once a week and recently started using silicium. My plants are exploding and happy as can be, will be taking clones tonight then flipping to flower next week for my pheno hunt! I would post some pics but I can’t figure out how.

    Thanks dgc!

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