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Is this what they call fox tailing

The colas are almost two feet long and its a auto flower, its been flowering for 10 weeks but only took off about 2 weeks ago and everyday you can see the growth from the day before so I must have stunted it but since its a auto shouldn’t it be done, you can still see it producing white hairs, I sent a picture to a buddy and he replied it looked like it was fox tailing but I thought that was bad, need advice.  I have no choice I can see but to let it go if that’s even possible being its a auto that should be done and hanging with its sisters.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    There are vegetative fox-tailing, which is bad and comes from light leaks. Not what you have. There are also flowering fox-tails, that are genetic expressions equatorial dominate plants produce in a high humidity environment to prevent mold. This is what you’re seeing. Nothing you can do about genetic fox-tailing. This is a trait of long flowering “sativas”.

    1. Mr. Snicklefritz Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge , im new to this and finding my auto seeds is stressful, I used a place called blimburn but I think im gonna give 420 fast buds a try . Thanks again for your reply

  2. NayHay Avatar

    I would call that foxtailing and assuming your room isn’t super hot I’d guess the genetics aren’t quite “dialed in” as they say. Looks like Mexican larfy bud we used to grow under fluorescents, but I’ll bet yours will be much stronger. Don’t be afraid to bend the bud tops over to avoid getting too close to the lights.

    1. Mr. Snicklefritz Avatar

      Thanks for replying , this is a awsome community, I just wish I knew about DGC before I started my first 2 grows , im feeling real good about the 3rd one though.

  3. MidMOGrower Avatar

    Genetics I get that everyone I grow my Bruce banner Auto, foxtails around harvest time.

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