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Plant stage for nute changes & a dang old pH issue

This is kinda a continuation of the last post where I asked about the real week 1 and so on.  This is where I start questioning myself, anytime its time to change the nutes per feed schedule. I question is it really ready? Or am I late? In the first photo the plant is nearing the end of week 6 from flip. Does this plant look developed to 6 or do I need trich photos?

In the second is the same type exactly 1 week behind but in a 2 gal instead of a #5 pot. So end of week 5. In the 3rd photo is the same in prolly a 2.5 or 3 gal 2 weeks and 4 days behind the first plant so say end of week 4 or mid week 4. Do these plants seem to be on schedule?  Working with my camera white balance… the photos are close to actual color.

Photo 4 is a plant I am having trouble with…I thought it was a low pH issue…. opinions? It is lake tahoe by best coast…  The others I can’t rem the strain…. They are all in tupur, under 4 x250w quantum boards, temps 76-80 day 72 or so night rh 60% +-5% was attempting to water in at 6 using drops and meters that I still don’t trust.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    The plant pictured appears to be in peak bloom. The only way to know if it’s “on schedule” is to know it’s total flowering time. 8 weeks? 9 weeks? 10 weeks? Week 6 of flower development can be drastically different between an 8 week and 10 week variety. I can say it does look a bit hungry for being in peak bloom when nutrient concentrations are typically highest. It’s a bit early to see them fading. The last pic with the curled down leaves looks a bit over-watered. Not what you want to see in peak bloom. Plants in this stage don’t have much more bulking up to do before starting to mature. The calyx will start to plump up during the final stages of growth before harvest. This is when you want to see fading, about 2-3 weeks before harvest. If this plant is an 8 to 9 week finisher, it seems to be on schedule to finish on time. Being under-fed is a hell of a lot better than being over-fed at this stage. Unless you know the exact flowering time, you can’t say whether a plant is on schedule or not.

    1. BarelyBurningBurleyBurnHardt Avatar

      It has been finishing around 8 weeks or at least that is when I am seeing enough of the trichs changed to guess a time to cut lol.

      Funny I would have thought I was overfeeding it if anything..I thought they looked hungry too but put it off to ph imbalance. This started around late week 3 or 4 (yellowing) and I haven’t noticed it really in the other plants. Had tried to be careful of that as it was a issue I had in the past. I am using the aggressive feed using the 10 part gh chart full strength. Not really sure what I should be adding… more nitrogen or bloom I have 5-0-1, 2-1-6, 0-5-4, and some 0-15-15 bloom booster.

      I have flushed that other plant several times in the past few weeks trying to get it back in order.. I woke up one morning and all the hairs looked weird and by the end of the day they were dead, it started to recover now sorta looks that way again.. I usually wait till the pots are noticeably light to water but I have been heavier on that one last little bit… the leaves did stop dropping and getting worse. You dont think it looks like ph? I did do runoff today and it was in range or slightly above. Have had that leaf tip droop on that one for a while.

      1. J Mystro Avatar

        The leaves droop when the roots are not happy.

        1. BarelyBurningBurleyBurnHardt Avatar

          I will let it dry back significantly before watering again. My go to root issue fix is usually recharge. Last I rem people weren’t using it this late in flower. I am tempted. ill bump the nutes up as well on those ones… i get nervous when I am not following the instructions LOL

          1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

            If you ever get in a real moisture pickle, I like to take my wet vac, put a screen over bottom of holes and vacuum out excess moisture. It at least gives it a Headstart and Paul’s fresh air through the soil.

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